2005 Jaguar Cosworth F1 Car Destroyed At Assen

A 2005 Jaguar R5 Cosworth Formula One car has been destroyed at a recent track event at Assen’s TT Circuit in the Netherlands.

The accident took place during a practice session at last weekend’s Gamma Racing Days event while the founder of the Ascari supercar company, Klass Zwart, was behind the wheel.

Footage of the crash shows Zwart closely tailing a slower-moving car around a tight left-hand corner. Zwart then pulls to the outside, leading into a sharp right corner before the other driver unexpectedly turns into Zwart, sending the Jaguar F1 car onto the grass and out of control. The race car immediately spins around backwards before slamming into the tire wall.

While Zwart managed to walk away from the high-speed wreck without any injuries, irreparable damage has reportedly been done to the Jaguar’s transmission, suspension and bodywork.

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  • Vassilis

    That’s a shame. BOSS GP looks good by the way.

    • Bill Nguyen

      The car wasn’t very successful at all, but it was definitely easy on the eyes. Loved the colour scheme with the metallic green paint and leaping cat.

      • Vassilis

        I think easy is an understatement 😀 Beautiful livery!