Armored Military Vehicle Just Rammed A Civilian Car...Again

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Even though this incident is slightly different compared to the last time we saw an armored vehicle strike a car in traffic, this one could have also been easily avoided.

What happened last time, you ask? An armored personnel carrier was caught on camera taking its frustrations out on a defenseless Kia Cee'd in traffic. And yes, traffic regulations were definitely not obeyed.

As for this incident, which also took place in Russia, it features another armored military vehicle, powersliding directly into a Skoda Yeti, while making a simple right turn.

The impact was so violent, it triggered the Skoda's curtain airbags, which is definitely what you want if you happen to get hit by something that weighs ten times more than the car you're driving.

While the description of the video states that the armored vehicle "lost control", a more accurate description would have been that the person behind the controls didn't stick to the inside of the corner and got to close to oncoming traffic.

The driver of the Skoda even tried to get out of the way a little bit, although he or she couldn't have known that the rear of the military vehicle was going to suddenly twist towards them and make contact.