Auto Shop Owner Ends Up Injured After Trying To Stop Car Thief

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An auto shop owner from Tennessee was dragged by a pickup, suffering a bruised hip and other scrapes and bruises after attempting to stop a thief from getting away with someone else's property.

Tim Rodifer, is the owner of Mr Transmission in Johnson City, Tennessee. Last month, after seeing a man trying to steal a car waiting to be serviced, he ran towards the vehicle, grabbing the thief through the open window.

Unfortunately for him, the suspect managed to put the car in gear and dragged Mr Rodifer out of the parking lot, to the point where he could no longer hang on to the side of the truck.

"Of course I sprinted as fast as I could to the vehicle, dove through the window," said the owner of the shop. "I knew that he had no intensions of stopping at any costs, whether it was my life or somebody else's."

One Cody Smith was later identified as the suspect who stole the car. Smith was later arrested and charged with car theft, aggravated assault, as well as driving on a revoked license, according to WCYB.

In the end, the perpetrator was caught thanks to Rodifer's daughter, who posted the surveillance video on Facebook, where it got over 100,000 views.