BMW Accidentally Outs The i5 Ahead Of Frankfurt

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BMW CEO Harald Krüger recently confirmed the company would preview the i5 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the company's German press site has accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Shown in a short video to promote electromobility, the model looks virtually identical to the car which was revealed in design patents last year.

As you can see, the i5 has a wide grille that is flanked by slender headlights. The car also features a two-tone front bumper and contrasting black vents on the hood near the windshield.

The futuristic styling continues further back as the i5 has an aerodynamic side skirts which are unlike anything offered on traditional sedans or hatchbacks. The bodywork also appears to be more curvaceous than what has been depicted in the patent drawings. Rounding out the highlights are contrasting black accents on the roof, window frames, and mirrors.

Technical details remain a mystery but Krüger has called the car "another significant milestone in our roadmap for e-mobility." The executive also confirmed the model will be positioned between the i3 and i8 and have a fully electric powertrain. The car's range is unconfirmed but reports have suggested the car could travel between 311-435 miles (500-700 km) on a single charge.

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