This Sad Kia Stinger Was Squished By A Toyota RAV4

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The Kia Stinger isn’t for sale in the United States just yet but one unit has already been involved in a crash in Washington, D.C.

Local blog PoPville received images from one of its readers of a grey Stinger that was squished by a Toyota RAV4 taxi in a bizarre and unfortunate scene, particularly for the South Korean sports sedan.

Jalopnik reports that the crash occurred after the Stinger pulled out from a parking spot on the side of the road, only to have an incoming RAV4 crash into its front-end and drive up over the hood.

While you could assume that some pretty severe damage would be caused to both cars in such a collision, neither have significant damage. In fact, the RAV4 only appears to have some dents in the bumper while the Stinger’s front quarter panel has been crushed and left with some of the Toyota’s red paint.

Fortunately, the Stinger wasn’t a customer car so a proud new owner won’t have to deal with the hassle of getting it repaired. Instead, it is a manufacturer car so Kia will probably just swap out a few parts and send it back out onto the roads.

Image credit: Paul via Jalopnik