Toyota Prius Driver Defies Flood Waters Like A Boss

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Even though this wasn't the work of Hurricane Harvey, a Toyota Prius owner apparently thought his Hybrid was a Monster Truck, plowing through flood waters caused by the Memorial Day Flood of 2015

The footage was captured on Houston's Interstate I-45, when several other vehicles were left abandoned by the side of the road. As of right now, we're still trying to decide whether the driver was brave, stupid, or simply confident in his car's ability to withstand water damage.

Here's what the person who filmed the video had to say: "On the week of May 26th, 2015, we had a massive storm that flash-flooded I-45 and several bayous in the Houston area."

"The flood happened so fast that dozens of cars became stranded on the highways, the most famous of these instances was the intersection of North Main and I-45 where a bunch of cars were all huddled together and abandoned. The bridge was within walking distance of my house and I decided to walk over and joined a crowd of people who happened to be standing there surveying the area. I walked across the bridge just in time to see a silver Prius driving into the flood waters so I took out my phone to record."

Even if your batteries and other vital components are well-sealed, you can easily imagine how damaging water can be to your vehicle. On top of that, visibility is basically zero in terms of what's in front of your wheels - so even if you know the road, some piece of debris could still be down there waiting to "sink" your car.