2019 Toyota Prius PHEV Arrives With One Extra Seat, Trim Upgrades

Toyota’s plug-in hybrid Prius now has seating for five, a new exterior color and interior trim revisions.

Toyota Covers Prius Prime With Solar Panels That Also Charge Battery On The Move

The Prius PHV demo cars will be used in a trial in Japan aimed at developing the technology.

Liberty Walk Does A… Toyota Prius? Well, Why Not?

Toyota’s best-selling hybrid is maybe the last car you’d consider tuning – and yet, here it is.

Toyota Prius Runs Red Light And Causes Three-Car Crash

Distracted? In a hurry? No matter the reason, there’s simply no excuse to run a red light.

AWD Toyota Prius: A Reliable Companion In All Kinds Of Weather

The exact same positives and negatives as a normal Prius, only with added traction.

2020 Toyota Prius Prime Arrives This Summer With A New Five-Seat Configuration

Besides gaining a 5th seat, 2020 Toyota Prius Prime gains Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay.

Lexus-Badged, “Tuned” Toyota Prius Isn’t Fooling Anyone

The Prius is not the type of car which you should try and modify – especially not like this…

NYPD Prius Cruiser Filmed Repeatedly Ramming Cars In Queens NYC

The New York Police Department confirmed this weird incident in Flushing, Queens did happen and they’re looking into it.

Nuro’s Driverless Pods To Start Delivering Groceries In Houston This Spring

The program starts with self-driving Priuses, as the unmanned Nuro R1 pods will arrive later this year.

The 10 Most Reliable Cars For 2019 According To CR’s Annual Survey

Consumer Reports names its 10 most reliable cars so let’s see which one is the winner.

Consumer Reports’ Names Its 10 Top Cars For 2019 – And There’s Only One American Model

Winners were selected based on CR’s track tests and safety evaluations, as well as reliability and owner satisfaction.

Toyota Prius C Getting The Boot To Make Way For Corolla Hybrid

The Prius C is seven years old, and it is outclassed by the hybrid Corolla in fuel efficiency.