Rolls-Royce Ghost Swallowed By Chinese Sinkhole

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A Rolls-Royce Ghost has been swallowed up by a sinkhole that opened up in China’s Heilongjiang Province over the weekend.

The bizarre incident saw the luxurious British sedan nosedive into the sinkhole as the driver set off to make a turn at a set of traffic lights.

"I waited at a red light, and as soon as it turned green and I set off, the road caved in,” the owner said to The Mirror.

To escape, the owner was forced to climb out of the driver’s side window. Upon arriving on the scene, authorities cordoned off the area to ensure no other motorists were affected.

Based on footage from the scene, it appears that the majority of the damage is concentrated on the front fascia and the undertray. The car should be repairable but the owner may have some difficulty explaining to mechanics just what caused the damage…