All-New 2019 Audi A7 Sportback Leaks On A Small Scale

Audi’s next-generation A7 has finally leaked online, although it’s not exactly what we were expecting.

Instead of it being spotted in traffic or hidden away somewhere for a photo shoot, it’s been revealed to us as a scaled down toy model by Dutch website Auto Week.

At first sight, it’s pretty much exactly what we expected. Sitting on top of the automaker’s MLB Evo platform is an exterior that reminds us of the Prologue Concept here and there, while staying faithful to the A7 Sportback name.

It’s got the wider hexagonal front grille, slimmer headlights and an overall more modern appearance than the current A7. Visually, it should slot in quite nicely below the all-new A8, featuring plenty of semi and even fully-autonomous systems of its own.

Unfortunately we still can’t see what the rear end will look like, but it will likely have that continuous light strip we saw on both the production A8, as well as this A7 Sportback prototype last month.

Audi’s new Mercedes-Benz CLS rival is expected at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, in December.

H/T to Steven!


  • Kaido Alex

    Not bad.

  • Merc1

    Doesn’t matter the scale, you can see the look. It’s going to be gorgeous. Makes the A8 look like the dud it is.


  • Craig

    There is an awful lot of 6-window sedans. At least Toyota didn’t go that route with their new Camry. They did with the new LS though. Apparently people want 4 door sedans that are lacking in rear seat headroom. I think cars should be designed around people. I would find 5 big guys and design a car around them!

    • Adi

      Most people drive alone.

  • Vanquish

    it looks odd from that angle almost like an Audi version of that new 6 series……and at best it looks like the old one with shorter rear deck and the ugly front end from the A5

  • ErnieB

    Sorry.. but Audi’s new design language is not good.. they have watered down their brand.. this looks like a last gen Honda Accord to me.

    • Tumbi Mtika


      • ErnieB

        Just doesn’t look as cool as the current A7.. it looks meh like an accord.. boring.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          That’s fair.

    • enthusia

      I agree. they basically just copied and pasted the old design, but removed the sleek curves and made it bulky and boxy, as they did with the q7, a5, r8, and pretty much everything else in their lineup. the Arteon looks waaaay better than this.

  • Nordschleife

    I clicked on this just to see the rear end and clearly I still can’t see it. LOL

  • Andrew Hughes

    “not exactly what we were expecting . . .” I know the journalist is referring to the the source of the leak, but the car itself is exactly what I was expecting. I expected to be under whelmed and I am.

  • Stephen G

    Does it leak because the structure of the hatchback is insufficient?????

    • Nordschleife

      I am not sure if you’re trying to be funny but in this instance leak means to show. So they are saying that we get a glimpse of the vehicle shown earlier than expected (leaked) but as a scale model. It doesn’t have anything to do with structural deficiencies i.e. the roof is leaking water.

      • Andrew Hughes

        Thanks for the clarification, perhaps you could now explain ‘irony’?

        • Tumbi Mtika

          Ooh, burn.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        I think you just took the bait.

      • Stephen G

        OH! “Toy car offers glimpse at 2019 Audi A7 Sportback”

  • GobbleUp

    …and still ugly



  • Leconte Dave

    Old model look better

    • ErnieB

      Agree 100%

  • no25

    I think it looks good, but it’s nothing exciting tbh

  • salamOOn

    so…. its a new a8 with a7 back… what a surprise.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’m okay with this.

    I’ll still take the old one.

    • ErnieB

      Yup.. that rear end on the outgoing a7 was fabulous!

  • nastinupe

    The changes are all truly under the hood. Nothing to see here with the exterior. It’s an Audi so that’s to be expected.

  • ugly

  • Mark S

    Boring! To bad!

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    the front end resembles the g90

  • Kaido Alex

    What is the toy manufacturer of this car?

  • Six Thousand Times

    That is just…pretty!

  • S3XY

    Looks exactly the same other than the headlights. But people call the Model S dated lol

  • getoffme

    Looks like a Chinese knock off. Audi’s design language is as simple as a bar soap.