War Crimes: Soldiers Destroy Rare Lamborghini LM002 SUV In Iraq

Here’s a story that will make all you octane-lovers sob like a kid who dropped his ice cream. On July 18, 2004, American soldiers at a USA military base near Baqubah, Iraq used this navy-blue Lamborghini LM002 (powered by a Countach V12 engine) once owned by Uday Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein’s sons, to simulate the effects of a V.B.IE.D. (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device). In plain English, the unaware soldiers took one of the rarest cars of our time (only 300 Lamborghini LM002s were ever built), packed it with explosives, parked it next to a concrete barrier similar in construction to those surrounding the base and blew it up to pieces. We’re aware that these guys were just doing their work and that the LM002 is a relatively unknown quantity, but nevertheless, it’s a pretty shame that no one knew what they had in their hands. -Image gallery after the jump Via: Motorpasion , Source: Lamborghini Registry

  • Soldiers do what they are told

    The only badging on this vehicle was on the steering wheel. The
    vehicle was confiscated from a farmer that was trying ti sell it unlawfully. The
    brakes no longer worked but it did start and ran. The interior was shot, ruff
    condition in general. Everyone on the camp knew what the vehicle was, I even
    tried to get it back to the United States myself but the high echelon said it
    was not considered a war trophy. Thus the end to the vehicle was in the hands
    of soldiers stationed in Germany, our relief. There command was not impressive
    at all. I know this for a fact because I was there.

  • Ibnbat

    What a small piece of history lesson again, … why interrupting the course of history when the farmer was trying to sell the stuff and someone decided his right to “confiscate” it… was that bullying of considered a security threat ??? What about stopping human trafficking crime with the same passion ?
    Instead of considering the vehicle part of the Iraqi history and handing it over to local Automobile Association and help the local defend something of historical value by establishing long term peace… Our collective human condition may still be a few steps from generalized contentment / colonize peacefully other solar system. – give yourself a goal high and noble enough.

    At least please keep this negative example to build fresh positive ground for mutual respect and turn the page of bullying and terror of any sort… please

  • Myco Sys

    leave it the fuck alone and let the people of iraq who had to pay for it sell it?

  • thatguy

    Yeah, that’s not a war crime.

  • sam77

    As history has shown, Hussein was not the bad person the Yanks have made him out to be, therefore the people blowing up the car are just mindless hooligans.

  • BGM

    The guy who actually had oil fields at his disposal so he could afford to fill its tank!

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  • Poison_Eagle

    What a load of garbage if I ever I saw one. Implying the car has some kind of rub-off from its owners and is a sentient being? BTW America’s war crimes far outweight Hussein’s, to say otherwise is to willingly bury your head in the sandpit of ignorance.

  • Poison_Eagle

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    • It’s possible they had to blow it up. Who knows?

      • Poison_Eagle

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  • Craig Peacock

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  • Jawad Karim

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