Vorsteiner's McLaren MP4-12C Tune Looks Subtly Good

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a healthy number of aftermarket companies point their tuning guns towards the McLaren MP4-12 sports car, including Mansory, Hamann Motorsports, Gemballa, Fab Design, 666-Horses, and even Hennessey Performance (clicking on the links will take you to the respective tunes). Some are understated, others scream ‘look at me’ and the rest fit somewhere in between. Looking at this first teaser photo from Vorsteiner’s cosmetic and wheel package for the MP4-12C, we’d say that the tuner’s proposal falls in the ‘subtle’ category. We’ll have to wait to learn the full details on Vorsteiner’s MP4-12C goods, but from what we see here and aside from the dark grey alloy wheels, it includes a part carbon fibre front bumper with a sculpted lip spoiler that actually looks better than the stock piece, along with matching side skirts, and a rear boot lid spoiler.