British Tuner Sends Off Land Rover Defender With 475hp Upgrade

The Defender may be on its last legs, but that hasn’t stopped UK-based tuning company JE Motorworks from creating an extensively variant of the capable off-roader, much like Overfinch.

Dubbed the Zulu², JE Motorworks offers its range of modifications for all Defender body styles offered in both left- and right-hand drive configurations. The headline of the package is the installation of a 4.7-liter V8 engine from the Jaguar Land Rover group with 475 hp and 650 Nm on offer.

Mated to that engine is a 6-speed automatic transmission driving all four wheels. Given the off-road focus of the Defender, it’s appropriate that the tuner has also focused extensively on upgrading the chassis.

To do so, they’ve fitted new dampers, lowered springs and a modified limited-slip differential. Moreover, beefed up brakes and, paradoxically, an electronic handbrake have also been fitted.

Complementing all the mechanical modifications are custom JE badging, larger front air intakes, custom vents on the sides, LED lights and a prominent aluminum grille. The interior sports leather upholstery, heated seats, air-conditioning as standard and additional sound-proofing.

Just 25 units of the JE Motorworks Zulu² Defender will be manufactured, each priced at around 150,00 pounds.