This Guy Parked A LaFerrari In His Living Room

Parking your LaFerrari right in front of your couch may get your other significant half angry, but it sure beats any coffee table – period.

Owning a supercar is something most people will never get to experience, yet alone a hypercar, so for someone who has seen his dream come true, storing it in a climate controlled garage, right near the house, is not exactly the best option.

The man is these pictures from Magazin ProDriver CZ may or may not be the owner of the LaFerrari, but he sure knows how to enjoy it, parked in the living room, right between the sofa and the TV.

Furthermore, it’s safer than ever from the harsh winter that hit several parts of the globe these past few weeks, while no curious hands will touch its body anytime soon.

Where would you store your extremely limited and expensive hypercar if you could afford one?

Photos via Magazín ProDriver CZ