Lamborghini Restores A Pre-Production Miura SV To Brand New Condition

How does the idea of owning a brand-new Lamborghini Miura sound to you? Yes, believe it or not, such a thing exists, but unfortunately it’s not for sale; at least not right now.

The Miura Super Veloce chassis #4846, showcased at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show as a pre-production model (borrowing parts from the previous Miura S and introducing new features for the SVs), was entrusted to Lamborghini PoloStorico for a fully restoration to its perfect, original sate.

As you can imagine, the project was massive, as each and every detail of the show car had to be replaced respected, and reconditioned.

In case you are wondering what PoloStorico is, then you should know it’s the Italian car maker’s restoration department, located in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The division specializes in restoring historic Lambo models, as well as managing the company’s archives and selling original spare parts.

The Verde Metallizata raging bull was completely restriped of the chassis and engine, and with the help of photos, historic documentation, and Lamborghini’s original production sheet and records, every panel and component on the beautiful Miura has been returned to its original state. To make matters even more complex and official, expert Lamborghini craftsmanship and original Lamborghini parts have been used throughout the restoration, which makes this particular Miura, an official, brand new Lamborghini.

In order to celebrate the Iconic model’s 50th anniversary, the car will be showcased at the Amelia Island concours event (USA) from 10 to 13 March.

“This is a very important car, not only for its place in history as the Geneva show car and the forerunner of future Miura SV models built, but as the first completed project of Lamborghini PoloStorico. We are delighted to be able, with the consent of the owner, to show this car for the first time in its perfectly restored state, at the important Amelia Island event”, said Enrico Maffeo, Head of PoloStorico.


  • World Benchmark of Styling

    Seeing a Miura in photographs is stunning, in real life—a knockout. Considering when this automobile was made, it set a benchmark few have ever reached. The Miura and the Jaguar XKE are world standards of automotive beauty.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    That’s purty.

  • Six_Tymes

    wow that’s awesome. i think if i saw this in person I would stare at it all day. this is my new dream car.

    Amazing work Lamborghini!