McLaren Reveals MSO Carbon Series 675LT Spider

Say what you will about the inflated price tag, the 675LT was a huge hit for McLaren. It sold out all 500 coupes in two months, and all 500 subsequent Spiders in just two weeks. Little surprise, then, that it’s producing one last run. Only this one’s even more exclusive.

Dubbed the MSO Carbon Series LT, it’s based on the 675LT Spider. But like the recently showcased carbon-bodied P1, the new roadster is cloaked almost entirely in high-gloss carbon fiber. It retains all the carbon components already seen on the 675, and adds another 40 percent of the shiny woven stuff to the vehicle’s surface.

Otherwise it’s essentially the same as the existing model underneath, which hardly needed any improvement. Woking’s signature 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 churns out a suitably devilish 666 horsepower in the LT, propelling the two-seater to 62 in 2.9 seconds and on past the 200-mph mark.

McLaren Special Operations will only make 25 examples of the Carbon Series LT, all of which have already been spoken for – so tough luck for those who missed out. Especially since the automaker says it can’t fit the carbon-fiber bodywork to existing LTs, of which there are only a thousand in the world anyway.