Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 “Tyrannos” Makes For Rare Sighting

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 may not be the most popular choice with tuners when compared to its German rivals, but it can still turn the occasional head, especially when dressed like this.

In case the custom hood and wide-body don’t look particularly familiar, it’s because they’re part of the SUV’s “Tyrannos” conversion, which not only sounds cool, but looks pretty interesting as well.

And no, it’s not quite as extreme as your “run-of-the-mill” Cayenne Magnum by TechArt, but it will still hold its own if a custom, more aggressive look is what you’re aiming for.

The wide-body kit is made up of new front and rear bumpers, a custom grille, diffuser and side skirts. The hood is also new and if you look close, it may just remind you of Antonio Brown’s hairstyle – you decide if that’s a good thing or not.

If you’re interested in fitting your very own Grand Cherokee WK2 2011-2016 with the Tyrannos body kit, you’ll need to contact Maxi Customs, which is a tuning company from Sochi, Russia.

As for this particular car, it was photographed by Autogespot user Carlos92 in Warsaw, Poland.


  • SteersUright

    Holy hideous front fascia and hood!!!!! Damn thats ugly!! Rest looks pretty damn good though. I’d almost ask my dealer to refit the standard GC front end and good to this truck were I in the market for one. Did they just over to the local junior high and ask some kid to draw his ideal GC? The grill in particular looks right off of some cheap minivan. Wheels couldn’t be more bland, almost like they didn’t even bother to try. Front bumper looks like an eBay special direct from China.

  • donald seymour

    Okay, I know that I put my foot in my mouth by saying that the Mustang was unattractive, but then turning around and saying that I actually love the new design. BUT this is definitely different, because this the epitome of a super fast turd.

    • Stephen Baxter

      The new stang is growing on me too, certain colors 🙂

  • Dennis Scipio

    That is a very un-jeep like grille

  • Bash

    in fact…. this could be my next mopar.. same color! I love it, in my mind I can see it in my garage just next to my current ride..

  • Six_Tymes

    that rear wing above the lights? HAHAHAHAHA

    • OdysseyTag

      My EXACT thought. It’s not even functional. There for pure aesthetics only while impeding on an otherwise attractive rear-end.

  • diehard

    What’s with the Hellcat emblem on the side???

  • kkk

    The bumpers make it look very hideous from the side view

  • psiqtas

    All in looks good, but that front bumper is fugly and that rear license plate chose is bit questionable… Btw there’s a Hellcat badge on the front fender!

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    The front end looks way overdone, the rest of the vehicle looks alright.

  • ARS


  • ARS