Mercedes Issues Three US Recalls, But Each One Of Them Is Tiny

Mercedes sells luxury automobiles. That means that, while some are more accessibly priced than others, they’re inherently more scarce than more mass-market offerings.

So while its products are subject to the occasional recall like any other automakers’, these latest three recalls affect a combined total of just 128 vehicles in the United States.

The largest of the three is for 70 units, split between various versions of the E-Class coupe and sedan, SL-Class roadster, and S-Class sedan (including the Maybach S600). Their shared problem is with improperly soldered contacts in a control unit that could cut power to the electrically assisted steering or potentially cause a fire.

Even smaller is another recall for 48 crossovers that may have faulty axle carrier bolts, which could fracture and render the vehicle unstable. Affected are members of the ML and GL classes built late in 2015 and early into 2016.

Smaller still is a third recall, issued for all of ten examples of the 2014 CLA250 due to a problem with the brake booster. Replacement of the problematic parts is expected to fix the issues in all three cases when the recalls commence next month.

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    Once again, the articles where you bashed Maserati for smaller recalls come to mind.
    I am trully disgusted.

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