Morgan EV3 Junior Is Just The Thing For Little Enthusiasts

If the Morgan Three Wheeler strikes you as more of a toy than a proper automobile, you should check this one out. It’s called the Morgan EV3 Junior, and it’s essentially a scaled-down version of the electric British trike. You know, for the kids!

Far more than your usual Power Wheels toy, the EV3 Junior is hand-made at the old-school Morgan workshop in Malvern Link, England. And the attention to detail is quite simply breathtaking.

Like the full-size EV3, the Junior is motivated by an all-electric powertrain that (in this compact case) will propel it up to 10 mph, and can travel for about ten miles on a single charge. If you do the math, that works out to about an hour’s use before needing to be plugged in again, with a full charge taking about four hours.

It even has working lights, full suspension, and a reverse gear. Its speed is limited going backwards, which (as Jeremy Clarkson demonstrated in the Reliant Robin) is a good thing considering the inherent instability of a 1+2-wheel setup.

The EV3 Junior is priced (pre-tax) at £6,662.50 (or £7,995 with VAT), which works out to about $8,250 (or nearly $10k if you’re stuck paying the tax), and is designed for kids ages six and up. Customers can order one up in red, green, or ivory, with a black or tan leather interior. But those looking for something extra special can custom-order one in any of the 40,000 colors Morgan offers on its full-size vehicles.

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  • Craig

    Hey!! I’m six and up!! WooHoo!

  • KidRed

    Why not just buy your kid a used Miata for $10k?

    • Benjamin B.

      Miata isn’t always the answer

  • COOL.