Spyker Says Most Customers Opting For Manual Transmissions

Think manual transmissions are going the way of the dodo? That does seem to be the way the market is heading, especially at the top end of the market. But not for Spyker, and not for its customers.

At the New York Auto Show last week, Spyker chief Victor Muller told Car and Driver that few of his customers were opting for the automatic transmission option on the new C8 Preliator – sticking instead with the six-speed manual “Really, enthusiastic car connoisseurs are buying manuals again,” said Muller.

That could come down in part to the beautiful exposed transmission linkage that forms part of the Spyker’s cabin. Though its mid-engine layout might suggest otherwise, the C8 is oriented more towards luxury touring than the outright performance. More performance-driven brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini have discontinued offering traditional, three-pedal manual transmissions due to lack of customer interest as dual-clutch gearboxes shift faster than any human could.

Whichever transmission its customers select, they’re getting a 5.0-liter V8, naturally aspirated to 592 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. The Koenigsegg engine replaces the old Audi unit, despite earlier indications that the company (under its new ownership) would focus more on electric propulsion. That may or may not yet come, but as it stands, the C8 Preliator – priced from $429k in Spyder form – looks like it’ll have a bright future ahead of it, combusting internally and shifting manually all the way.

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  • That Ross Chap

    Good. It would be a waste by such a fantastic old school sports car with an automatic transmission.

  • Jimbo

    Spyker is still around? AND has customers?

  • chippers

    “More performance-driven brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini have discontinued offering traditional, three-pedal manual transmissions due to lack of customer interest as dual-clutch gearboxes shift faster than any human could.”

    I think the vast majority of customers for Ferrari and Lamborghini are concerned about being seen and showing off and don’t care about driving at all.

    • donald seymour


    • Bash

      Nailed it!!

    • Infinite1

      Agreed, the owners of Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s back then enjoyed driving the car. Nowadays, owners buy them for status symbols rather than the rare track and street beasts that they were designed to be

  • I’mCallingYouOut

    Absolutely stunning. This beast has aged so elegantly.

  • Infinite1

    Sure automatic transmission can shift faster than any human can given the technological advances of transmission within the last two decades; however, automatic transmission just takes away the drive in drive-ability of the car. I talk to my best friend about it yesterday in fact, and he argues that the fun factor is still there where you manually shift or use the paddle shifters. I explained to him that there’s a different between a gear head and a car enthusiast, the gear head buys a car and envisions what he’ll do to it from start to finish. The enthusiast orders it from a pamphlet. Likewise, there’s a special bond between car and driver with a manual transmission which is within the same realm as someone who builds his car versus someone who buys it. You know how your car behaves to a certain extent since you built it. It goes the same with the transmission, you are in complete control of what gears you want so the transfer of action between driver and car are close to one and the same instead of letting the computer guesstimate it for you.

  • seriously

    everyone complains about not having manuals and yet don’t buy them….the Spykers manual also looks better than the auto why wouldn’t you buy it….in general if an auto is faster than a manual and is more convenient why not driving is more than shifting gears its about handling braking and speed…smh

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