Mercedes And Chery Reach An Agreement Over The EQ Moniker

Mercedes and Chery have reached an agreement which will enable both automakers to use the EQ moniker.

While Chery has been using the eQ and eQ1 names since 2014, Mercedes revealed its intentions to use the EQ moniker at the 2016 Paris Motor Show when the company unveiled an electric crossover concept. This raised a number of issues but it appears both sides have finally resolved the matter.

As part of the agreement, Chery can continue to use the eQ and eQ1 names as well as other numerical variations of it (such as eQ2 and eQ3). Mercedes will also be able to use the EQ name but with letter designations such as EQC.

In a statement, Daimler board member Hubertus Troska said “Chery achieved great reputation in China with their eQ brand name and we highly respect that. I am happy that Daimler and Chery agreed on a collective use of the eQ/EQ acronyms in an open and partner-like atmosphere.”

His sentiments were echoed by Chery CEO Anning Chen who said the agreement was a “win-win” for both automakers.

Mercedes has plans to launch a variety of electric EQ models starting with the EQC in 2019. The model will be followed by an assortment of entry-level EQ vehicles which will be built at the company’s plant in Rastatt, Germany.

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