Skoda Test Mule With A Seat Ibiza Body Probably Hides Next Fabia Hardware

Skoda’s way of testing hardware for future models is being applied again, this time using a Seat Ibiza body with a Skoda face.

The mule you see here is probably a test-bed for powertrain and other hardware development for either the next Fabia or the next Rapid Sportback.

This way Skoda can test the new parts without revealing the body design of the upcoming models, a strategy first seen back in 2015, when the company used a Yeti bodywork to hide the Kodiaq.

The use of the Ibiza body tells us that Skoda’s upcoming model will ride on the MQB A0 platform, which underpins VW Group’s latest supermini models. The current Fabia is riding on a mix of modules, using 50 percent of the MQB and the rest coming from the older PQ-based platform.

The full adoption of the MQB A0 platform will also enable Skoda to grow its next-gen models in size, inside-out, making them even more practical, which is sort-of the trademark feature of the Czech brand. A wide range of TSI and TDI engines will also be available, including the latest 1.5 TSI with cylinder deactivation for greater fuel efficiency.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Polo rubbish

    Of all the VW group Superminis, I am most disappointed with the Polo’s boring styling.
    Have high hopes for Skoda and their new Fabia – they can afford to be more adventurous and pretty certain it will NOT look like the previous model (unlike the Polo).

  • Adi

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t next gen Fabia mule. It’s way too soon. It is yet to undergo a facelift and that means at least 2-3 more years in production.

    • Miknik

      MY thoughts too. On the other hand, the current Fabia is the last main stream model (with the Q3, but that’
      s just about to be replaced) not to be on MQB, so probably it will be cheaper to just produce a redressed Ibiza (I suspect like Ateca/Karoq, and actually Polo/Ibiza too, also the basic shape and pillars will be shared) than keep putting MQB parts (especially in terms of electrics) into a non MQB platform. Also I picture production to be cheaper, as it means an Ibiza/Polo and Fabia can share production lines easier. So probably we will see an all new Fabia instead of a Facelift,,,

    • Unless it is for the Rapid. I’d imagine it’ll be based on the same chassis but wearing the Ibiza bodywork for the moment.

  • f1300

    Why the great effort to put a camouflaged (but still clearly visible) Skoda-face onto a Seat while they could have used the same Seat-base without any modification and go out in public in 100% complete stealth-mode? Because they WANT to be “discovered”. But then again, what do they want us to actually see? Or, otherwise, not see?

    • Jan Cervenka

      Yes exactly they want the rumour mill to start.

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