Lamborghini Makes Five Special Edition Aventador S Roadsters For Japan

Lamborghini has celebrated its 50th anniversary in Japan by staging the Asian debut of the Aventador S Roadster in the country and introducing a new limited edition model.

Called the “Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan,” the special edition will pay tribute to the five natural elements of Japanese culture including earth, wind, fire, sky, and water. Production will be limited to five units and each one is billed as a one-off model as it draws inspiration from one of the aforementioned elements.

The water version was displayed during Lamborghini Day in Tokyo and features a unique paint job that required ten people and 170 hours of labor to complete. The end result is pretty impressive as the black and blue combination blends perfectly with the exposed carbon fiber accents on the windscreen frame and hard top.

The unique styling continues in the cabin as designers installed Nero Ade black leather and Nero Cosmus black Alcantara upholstery. The black on black theme is broken up by blue stitching which “evokes the Japanese symbol for bamboo (Y).” Lastly, there’s a carbon fiber plate which has the Japanese symbol of the car’s element.

Besides announcing the new special edition, Lamborghini held a parade and a brand-specific Concours d’Élégance event.

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  • McF1

    An interesting colour arrangement.
    If for some reason there is some slight damage to the car that requires repainting, I image that the procedure to match the new paint to the existing paintwork would be very complicated and extremely costly.
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the Lamborghinis in the streets of Tokyo.