Scoop: 2020 CT5 Sedan To Open A New Chapter For Cadillac

The first spy shots of the 2020 Cadillac CT5 have landed, giving us a first taste of the upcoming executive sedan.

The upcoming Cadillac CT5 will replace both the ATS, CTS and XTS when it arrives in the market sometime in late 2019. According to Cadillac’s president, the company wants to “rebalance” its sedan portfolio, which admittedly has too many members at the moment.

The all-new Cadillac CT5 will be based on the new version of GM’s Alpha architecture, with inside sources indicating that it will only use the long-wheelbase version of the platform. Both rear- and all-wheel drive versions will be on offer.

The engine range will include a turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder, a 3.6-liter V6 as well as a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 for the range-topping V model. Cadillac is also reportedly planning a plug-in hybrid version based on the four-cylinder models.

The upcoming Cadillac CT5 is expected to enter production in Q2 or Q3 of 2019 at the Lansing Grand River plant, with sales to begin towards the end of the same year.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops


  • Ray Martin

    This car looks beautiful even with all the camo. Proportions are everything and this car has that nailed.
    It will be a fully D-class car(BMW 3, MB C-class, A4 fighter). The next gen CT6 will be slightly reduced to fit in the E-class/5-series segment.
    CT5’s interior will be inspired by Buick Avista’s interior.

    • SteersUright

      You work for Cadillac don’t you?

  • Ray Martin

    This car looks beautiful even with all the camo. Proportions are everything and this car has that nailed. It will be a fully D-class car(BMW 3, MB C-class, A4 fighter).
    And the next gen CT6 will be slightly reduced to fit in the E-class/5-series segment.
    CT5’s interior will be inspired by Buick Avista’s interior.
    Cadillacs won’t be pos anymore like they used to be under the bean counters. Now it is under the new crew. XT4 and CT5 – the first Caddys that have been created under JDN.

    • Gary

      Are you coming from a position of speculation or actually being in the know? To date there hasn’t been any info indicating the CT6 will be reduced (downsized) or that the CT5 will be squarely in D Class. If anything all info suggests it’ll return to being a tweener like the previous generation CTS straddling D and E segments.

      • Ray Martin

        I know that that this is a D-class car. No speculations.
        And this is a good move. Because when you make the D and the E segment car – you are not getting none of them.
        While the CT6 is positioned as an E-class rival, it will be reduced just a little to leave a room for the CT7 and the CT8, which are on the designing stages now.

        • Gary

          Misinformation you’re presenting as all reports and info to date indicates otherwise.

  • matrem

    That looks nice.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • lagunas3ca

    More like CT15-year-old design.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      You tried.

    • Bo Hanan

      I got it. (Smile)

    • Puddingpopper


  • Marshall Boyce

    Guys! Guys! Guys! What!!!!?? Its a Cadillac with a HOOD SCOOP!!!!!

    • schnittz

      that’s a disguise, hood scoop and front door body lines were added to confuse it with the charger.

      • Marshall Boyce

        Yeah on closer inspection your probably right. Kinda sad. I liked both the CTS and ATS, mostly I just thought they needed nicer interiors. The idea of a behoodscoooped Cadillac made me excited for their prospects as I am not a fan of their current leader (Johan something aka the guy who screwed up Infinity)

        • lagunas3ca

          Are you two forgetting the current CTS-V has both of these?

          • Marshall Boyce

            It had a vent not a scoop. Still cool but not as awesome.

          • lagunas3ca

            Vented scoop 2020.

          • Marshall Boyce

            Scoops draw air in, vents allow air to flow out. Sorry bro their different.

          • lagunas3ca

            Just like the use of the word ‘they’re.’

  • CoolCat

    You tried.

  • pjl35

    I doubt THIS replaces the ATS…pretty sure we’ll see a third sedan slot below this to do that job.

    • lagunas3ca

      Agreed. Maybe the ATS sedan but not the coupe, which makes no sense anyways.

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks like a copy of the previous 5 series with a hood scope on it! Cadillac going to the extreme with this model design!


    I’m interested in seeing if the CT5 V will come with AWD.

    • Harry_Wild

      Doubt it, Cadillac wants to keep it an expensive muscle car! Look at BMW M5 or Audi RS A6 or Mercedes E63 AMC for AWD option or included.

    • Rocket

      For whatever reason, De Nysschen is still chasing the Germans. Any V will need AWD — at least as an option.

  • Bo Hanan

    BMW, Merc, and even Audi can pull off replacing 3 cars with 1. Cadillac? No!
    “This new chapter” will be from the same old GM book. Quote me- “there is no way Cadillac can make the CT5 dynamic enough to cover 3 different car size segments.”

    • no25

      When has BMW, Mercedes, Audi done that? How do you just assume those three can, and Cadillac can’t? Also, no one’s gonna quote you. No one cares, bud.
      Do I think it’ll replace the ATS too? No. But still. Don’t underestimate a brand just because that’s how you feel. I don’t even care for Cadillac, but I’m happy they’re finally changing.

      • Bo Hanan

        What planet are you from?
        1. Cadillacs past-present is all the indication of what they will do. Read up!
        2. BMW, Merc and Audi haven’t “done that” because it doesn’t make sense.

        Not sure if I’m amused or irritated by your naivete- bud.

        • no25

          Shut up, hypocrite. You literally said BMW, Mercedes, and Audi could pull of replacing 3 cars with 1, but where in their histories show so? READ UP!! dumbass. Now, you’re saying “it doesnt make sense.” Wow, you’re all kinds of stupid. You should probably stop skipping class. 8th grade is an important year.

          • Bo Hanan

            It’s angry.

    • bd

      The whole CT5 replacing 3 models isn’t exactly true.

      The CT5 will be Cadillac’s new entry in the entry-level/compact segment, essentially replacing the ATS – but growing a good bit so that it is more like the 2G CTS (as well as the G/Q50).

      The CT6 will be taking over duty in the mid-segment (likely to get a bit smaller, but still larger than the rest of the segment) with the CT7 being the “flagship” (but either in a “4-door coupe” or fastback bodystyle).

      There will also be the CT4 that will be Cadillac’s sub-entry model, but unlike for the competition, will remain RWD (at least that has been the latest indication).

      There is still some hope for Cadillac reviving its traditional flagship (CT8) program, but if they do it, it won’t be for some time (until they have revamped their entire lineup).

      • Gary

        All types of misinformation presented here. CT5 is not for the compact segment, the subsequent CT4 is designated for such. If anything CT5 will become a tweener again covering D and E segments. There has yet to be any info presented that the CT6 will go smaller.

  • no25

    Looks like we finally got some new styling from Cadillac! Also, no there is no way this will replace the ATS – CTS and XTS, yes. ATS, no.


  • :/ Yurr

    Already looks 10 times better…love those proportions 👌👍

  • AstonMartin

    The only new sedan Cadillac should be bringing forth should be a production version of the Escala Concept. Give the people what they truly want. Beyond that, an Elmiraj and all of the other gorgeous concepts the Cadillac design studio created that have never seen production.

    • Afi Keita James

      sadly it isn’t happening anytime soon.

      • Rocket

        Let’s be honest … it isn’t happening at all. “Influenced by the Escala” is the best we’re gonna get.

  • Puddingpopper

    Still on 18s like a punk

  • jsz00

    vertical headlights are gone…

    • europeon

      I guess the “art and science” philosophy is dead. Kinda sad.

    • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

      Tbh, it’s about time…

  • Mark S

    This is looking very promising. Cadillac needs to get everything right with this car though.

    • Enter Ranting

      They can start with jettisoning CUE.

  • Enter Ranting

    Cadillac is rudderless.

    • SteersUright

      Very well put. Sad, as everyone wants to see them succeed, thats what makes it all the more frustrating. They’re so out of touch.

  • SteersUright

    Already gonna suck. “…a turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder, a 3.6-liter V6 as well as a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 for the range-topping V model.” What a crap engine range.

    Cadillac should launch this car with 3 engines, a 250hp & 300hp turbo 4 (because it seems everyone HAS to have one in the lineup nowadays) and a 400+hp GM small block V8. The 6.2L can represent whatever overpriced halo model they want, but its stunning how GM and Cadillac can’t see that Americans still love a V8 in their American sedans, but ones that aren’t as hideously ugly and overpriced as the Chevy SS. Cadillac would do wonders with its lineup if it made the 450hp Camaro’s V8 an option in most of their cars. The ATSV coupe and sedan needed this engine. The CTS needed this engine between its anemic V6 and over powered supercharged V8, etc.

  • Craig

    Very ‘Dodge Charger’ like on the sides.

  • Craig

    The days where a guy just bought his 5th Fleetwood are long gone. And that’s too bad. This is why it’s impossible to have an ’emotional LOYAL relationship’ with car models these days. Tell 98% of the public that you just bought yourself an ATS, CTS or XTS and they’ll wonder what the hell you’re talking about. If anything – they’ll probably guess an all-terrain vehicle! But even if you clue them in and say, “It’s a Cadillac!”, they’ll have to ask, “What kind? A car?” The same thing will be true for the CT5.

    • gary4205


  • Benjamin B.

    The CT5 isn’t a replacement for the ATS. It’ll be a replacement for the CTS. The ATS is smaller. I hope GM brings us a CT4 because the entry level segment is hot now (Kia Stinger). The XTS is being discontinued. I thought the CT6 replaced it. I know the CT6 is slightly smaller, so maybe GM is planning a larger car to compete more with the S-Class. I don’t know, but Cadillac is confusing me with segments. I am one of the few people who actually likes the ATS-V.

  • d’Aforde

    Cadillac is going to axe the ATS, which is the small car it finally got right? I don’t understand Cadillac’s thinking here. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar have small, mid-size, and large sedans. If Cadillac wants to play in that league, it needs a small sedan, too.

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Nice stance and portions

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