New Heritage Edition Model Is Ford’s Swan Song To The Focus RS

Ford’s killing three birds with one stone by launching the new Focus RS Heritage Edition in the United Kingdom.

Priced from £39,895 ($55,341), and limited to 50 examples, it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Escort, pays homage to the introduction of the RS brand in Britain, and serves as a swan song to the Focus RS, whose production will end on April 6.

The limited edition hot hatch comes a couple of months after the ‘RS Red Edition‘, and sports a Tief (Deep) Orangebody color, grey brake calipers, forged alloy wheels, and contrasting black side mirror casings and rear spoiler on the outside.

In the cabin, the Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition gets part-leather Recaro seats, a sunroof, heated steering wheel, cruise control with speed limiter, and rear privacy windows. The power folding mirrors and rear parking sensors are offered at no extra cost.

All units get a front mechanical Quaife limited-slip differential, for improved traction, and the Mountune upgrade. The latter boosts the output of the 2.3-liter engine from 350PS (345hp) and 470Nm (345lb-ft) of torque, to 375PS (370hp) and 510Nm (376lb-ft) of torque.

“The RS brand is hugely important to Ford, and is recognized across the globe, however it has a special place in the hearts of UK Ford fans”, stated Ford of Britain’s Chairman and Managing Director, Andy Barratt. “The latest model is the best RS we’ve ever produced, so it seems a fitting tribute as we approach its 50th anniversary.”

  • Six_Tymes

    love it. I wonder if a replacement will come in a few years? and will it be as good, fun to drive as this?

    • Infinite1

      Ford definitely needs a successor to this generation RS.

  • javier

    meh, low quality control re the bad heads kind of kills it for something supposedly “hugely important to Ford”

    • LJ



    Still holding out hope for a new RS500 that will most likely never happen. They’re probably going to update this thing soon-ish.

    • I think it was confirmed long time ago there won’t be any RS500 successor, But idk this heritage edition is quite closed to RS500 in terms of using Mountune update kit.

  • ctse

    Side view reminds me of the fiat tipo, especially the rear door windows shape.

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