Jaguar I-Pace Gets EPA-Certified 234-Mile Range, 76 MPGe Combined

Jaguar has just announced the EPA-estimated range figures for its I-Pace electric crossover in the United States.

According to the British automaker, the I-Pace can run for 234 miles (376 km) under testing conditions in the U.S. Previously, Jaguar had estimated the SUV’s electric range to stand at roughly 220 miles (354 km) under EPA tests, down on the 298 miles (479 km) on the vehicle’s WLTP testing cycle in Europe.

Compared to its rivals, the I-Pace’s range isn’t as high as some had hoped. Tesla’s base Model X, the 75D, has a slightly longer, 237-mile (381 km) range.

The Hyundai Kona Electric’s range is also higher, sitting at 258 miles (415 km), which is particularly impressive when you consider that it ‘only’ has a 64 kWh battery. By comparison, the I-Pace’s battery capacity sits at a hefty 90 kWh.

The MPGe numbers for the I-Pace sit at 80 MPGe City, 72 MPGe Highway, and 76 MPGe Combined. These numbers are well down on the 132 City, 108 Highway, and 120 Combined of the Kona Electric.

Putting the not so impressive range figures aside, initial reviews of the I-Pace have been quite positive. Not only is it an appealing design inside and out, but it also offers more than decent handling – plus, it’s among the semifinalists for the 2019 North American Utility Of The Year competition.

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  • EM1

    The X has off road limitations compared to the I Pace. And the Kona May achieve more with the smaller battery due to weight and lack of AWD.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      I-Pace seems good off road and also has a decent wading depth.

  • BlackPegasus

    Hyunda (nor Chevy for that matter) will not steal any sales from Tesla. People who buy Tesla are more concerned about image than the range of said vehicle. It’s sort of like an iPhone. Sure, the Google Android based phones may be more customizable and pack more features but the iPhone is more than a phone, it a BRAND. Affluent buyers of EVs view Tesla in a similar way.

    • Dude

      I’d say that the Model 3 is (trying to be) as every-man oriented as Hyundai’s electric car and Hyundai could take sales from Tesla when the 35K 3 is on the market.

    • Mr. EP9

      If Tesla wants to succeed they’ll need more than affluent fanboys and badge whores. They’re going to have to appeal to the wider population and attract new buyers who may know nothing of the brand or Elon Musk, and in that scenario, they can easily lose out to Hyundai.

  • The I-Pace is a way smaller car. I don’t think these are competing with each-other.

  • TheBelltower

    It is better looking. But it’s not better in any other way than the X.

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