Land Rover Artfully Previews The Next-Gen Evoque Ahead Of Upcoming Debut

The compact luxury SUV market has positively exploded since the Range Rover Evoque first arrived on the scene. But eight years later, it’s long since started showing its age. Fortunately Land Rover has an all-new model in the works, and it’s been teasing Londoners with these art installations across the city.

The wire-frame sculptures give us a hint at the shape of the next-generation Evoque, built to full scale by the same design team as the actual vehicle, and placed in some of the swankiest parts of the British capital.

In rolling out the innovative billboards, the automaker has confirmed that it will lift the veil off the finished product, in the same city, on November 22, and broadcast the event via YouTube and Facebook for those who can’t be there in person. Given the timing, we’d expect to see it at the LA Auto Show opening shortly thereafter.

The Evoque has been a runaway success for Land Rover and its Range Rover luxury line. To date, it’s sod over 750,000 of them around the world.

The new model is slated to be based on the same platform as the (relatively) more affordable and versatile Discovery Sport, which launched in 2014 as the replacement for the long-running LR4/Freelander. The Discovery Sport has since become the top-selling model not only for Land Rover, but for the umbrella it shares with Jaguar as well. Last year it sold over 126,000 of them worldwide, out of the 442,508 Land Rovers and 178,601 Jaguars for a combined group total of 621,109 vehicles.

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  • Six_Tymes

    I’m now re-thinking this design was ahead of its time. The designer saw years ago the advent of the decline in sports cars and the up in suv’s. No wonder why so many copy design elements from this. A lot of other designers just haven’t got anything better than this.

  • ChrisInIL

    Land Rover is targeting plumbers with this preview.

    • Finkployd


  • Harry_Wild

    Will they make a Evoque SVR model?

  • Knotmyrealname

    This is old news. This car was released back in 2011………….. wait, this is the new one?

    • Mike anonymous

      The original 1st generation (Pre-updates, Pre-Facelifts) version of the Evoque 2011-2013 was the very best version of the Evoque (in my opinion) to date, as it looked near identical to the LRX concept that preceded it. Afterwards they began to make changes to the design, then they gave it a bad facelift, etc.

      Now (at least from what we see here) they are simply going to add some ‘velar’ styling, while diverting back to the original 2011 production model which was based off of the amazing (at least to me) LRX concept from 2008.

      • Nordschleife

        I just hate it won’t be a second gen coupè. This and the Velar would be stunning in 2-door guise. I feel like the world is boxing me into the A5, C-Class and 4-series coupè and while I get it, I don’t like it. Hopefully the 6C is stunning and affordable.

        • Mike anonymous


          I remember back in 2008 when the LRX concept was revealed. It was the coolest vehicle in the world to me. I personally believe Land Rover (in search of higher sales figures) forgot what the LRX and Evoque were originally meant to be. When designing this vehicle it was supposed to basically be the Land Rover version ‘car’ (since at the time Jaguar made cars only, and LR made the SUV’s). It was not meant to be a family vehicle, but that’s what they’ve turned it into. It went from more of a speciality coupe (that happened to cost the last amount because of it’s size), into an ‘entry level’ (in the typical sense) model.

          (on a separate note) Many companies fall into this notion that they have to create more variations, more models, and more and more, to have better sales,. BUT (what companies such as Mazda have begun to understand is that) if you simply build a great vehicle, demanding for it will rise, and so will your sales. I can only hope that from here on out Land Rover as a whole can once again focus on who they are as a company (like Mazda has been doing as of late) and stop chasing after sales.

          • Nordschleife

            Yeah I agree. I was deterred to own the 2 door Evoque when I first saw it. It and the first gen A5 were the only two cars that I ever lusted after but thought (at least bought used) that I could afford. I got the A5 but if a second gen Evoque coupè would’ve been made it would definitely be my next car. Oh well. Sometime we just don’t get what we want.

  • TheHake

    This is exactly how the 1st one was teased/introduced. I remember seeing that in the flesh.

  • mick

    Can we PLEASE get to the Defender??? 🙂

  • Bash

    Sorry, I can’t see what’s new here.

    • Sybill Julian

      yea, a smaller velar

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Tron, your new light car is (almost) here.

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