Aston Martin’s ‘Son Of Valkyrie’ Hypercar Will Do The Norse Gods Proud

Aston Martin has published the first teaser image of its upcoming 003 hypercar, affectionately known as ‘Son of Valkyrie.’

The all-new vehicle will slot below the Valkyrie in Aston Martin’s range but slot above the automaker’s impending rival to the Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 720S. Based off what we can see in this picture and rumoured specifications about the 003, the car should offer performance similar to what the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder did a few years ago.

The darkened teaser image shows the hypercar with a more conventional rear than the Valkyrie but from what we can see, it does appear to have similar air tunnels exiting out of the rear diffuser. Additionally, we can see slim LED taillights, bulging rear wheel arches, and top-exiting exhausts coming straight out of the engine.

Much like its bigger brother, the Aston Martin 003 hypercar also lacks a rear window and instead, features a prominent roof scoop to feed the powertrain.

McLaren and Ferrari need to watch out.

Speaking of powertrains, Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer confirmed that the car will use a V6 turbo hybrid powertrain in September 2018. The company hasn’t said how much power the 003 will have but we expect at least 800 hp and up to 1000 hp. The hypercar will also be exceptionally light and capable of some truly extraordinary performance feats, even if it can’t lap a circuit as fast as an F1 car like the Valkyrie AMR Pro.

Production of the vehicle will be capped at just 500 units globally with a market arrival expected for late 2021. The car will be fully homologated and available in all markets and sold in left- and right-hand drive configurations. According to reports, it could be called ‘Valhalla’.

  • assassingtr

    Isn’t it ironic that a British company is naming all their concepts after vikings? (Considering the vikings damn well nearly completely invaded england and took it over. Just barely)

    • PK

      the british are very bipolar i swear lol

      • Joff


        • PK


    • Bob

      I guess they’re not still angry about it?

    • Marty

      Why would they be angry because some of their ancestors were vikings?

      • assassingtr

        Well, Lol I didn’t say angry. I just said it was ironic.

        • Marty

          Correct, it was me and Bob who said “angry”. 🙂

          But my question is still valid – I don’t see the irony. Today’s Englishmen are cultural, linguistic and genetic descendants of (among other things) those Scandinavians, so why would they not use Norse mythology names for their products? It’s part of their heritage.

          • assassingtr

            It’s not really anything other than a thought. It’s Ironic because at one point they were enemies and now they celebrate each other. Sort of like the US buying german/austrian guns. I’m not saying i’m not glad about it; I like that globalization has led us to all coagulate and move forward. Food for thought and nothing more.

  • tom

    Good way to fill your bottom line. Always too many with too much money. My question is whether how much you have is inversely proportional to whether you should be allowed to drive what you can afford. Or something like that.

    Oh, and own a landing strip.

    But since I don’t have one of those, maybe a car that goes 200 mph over the length of my driveway.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    Lol a v6

    • Matt

      You’ll have to explain the joke, Cletus.

    • Bo Hanan

      If Aston Martin can build a 1000HP normally aspirated V12, I can only imagine what they will do with a V6-Turbo-Hybrid, (see GTR & Ford GT V6’s).

  • SteersUright

    Car looks neat, but a V6?!?! Seriously? The most boring engine after a 4 cylinder? This does not belong in this car, or any Aston.

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