Morgan Motor Sells Majority Stake To Investindustrial Investment Group

Morgan Motor Company receives a historic investment, helping it secure its future.

Morgan Plus Six Has An Aluminum & Wood Platform And A Supra / Z4 Engine

The Plus Six uses BMW’s turbo straight-six and starts at a touch over $100,000 in the UK.

This Is Our First Look At Morgan’s New 2020 ‘Wide Body’ Sports Car

The all-new Morgan sports car rides on a bonded aluminum platform and uses a new engine.

Morgan Looks Back At V8-Powered Models, Teases New Sports Car

The new Morgan will debut next year with a ‘bonded aluminum fabricated’ chassis and a non-V8 engine.

Amazing ’80s And 90’s Car Collection From A Single Owner Put Up For Sale

More than 140 vehicles from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s will be auctioned off individually by RMSothebys across several events next year.

Did Morgan Buy The Aston Martin Vanquish’s Tooling And Design Drawings?

The identity of the buyer remains unconfirmed, though Morgan has already announced it’s building a brand new car.

Morgan Working On A More Modern Sports Car

Morgan is working on a new mode unlike any before it.

Here’s What It’s Like To Drive And Own A Morgan 3 Wheeler

Carfection’s Alex Goy talks about what made him buy one and what makes it so special.

Morgan Ditches Electric 3 Wheeler Plans Due To Powertrain Supplier Issues

Despite axing the EV, Morgan says it is committed to electric cars and will develop the tech in-house.

Morgan 110 Anniversary Models Unveiled With Unique Features

The British boutique brand has been around for more than a century, so it’s only natural to celebrate this milestone.

Morgan’s Latest Creations Lose One More Wheel (And Engine)

The new Pashley-Morgan bicycles are hand-crafted in Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon and carry $2,000 stickers.

Stay At This Luxury Boutique Hotel, Drive A Morgan To The Countryside

The Nare Hotel near Cornwall is the first to offer its guests access to a Morgan 4/4, but it won’t be the last.