The Airbus Alpha Two Is The Company’s Flying Taxi Future

The Airbus Alpha Two has completed a number of test flights and hit 170 km/h.

Dashcam Footage Shows An F-16 Jet Pilot Ejecting Seconds Before Californian Crash

The F-16 fighter jet slammed into a warehouse and injured 13 people.

Learjet Turned Into A Limo On Wheels, Yours For $5 Million

That’s a Learjet fuselage with V8 power and features the usual gear expected from a limo.

Audi, AirBus And Italdesign’s Pop.Up Flying Taxi Concept Takes Off For The First Time

For the first time, the 1:4 scale model proved it can fly and drive.

Convoy Carrying Old TWA Plane That’ll Be Converted To A Bar Stops To Fix Flat Tire

The plane is a 60-year old Lockheed Constellation L-1649A Starliner on its way to JFK Airport in New York.

Oh, Russia: MIG-23 Jet-Powered BMW E30 3 Series Is Uselessly Awesome

Talented Russian mechanic transplants the auxiliary power unit from a MIG-23 onto an E30 3 Series.

DEA Plane Crash-Lands At Texas Street, Hits Tesla Model X And Toyota Corolla

Fortunately, neither the plane passengers or any of the car occupants were injured.

BMW’s Vision iNEXT Flying To A City Near You This September

BMW is teaming up with Lufthansa Cargo in order to present the Vision iNEXT.

Dashcam Catches Plane Making Emergency Landing On The Highway

The plane was experiencing engine problems and landed less than five miles away from the airport.

A Small Plane Was Forced To Land On Florida Interstate

The pilot says the plane was suffering engine issues over Florida.

Check Out Tom Cruise’s HALO Jump From ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’

The movie star completed a High Altitude – Low Opening skydive jump from over 25,000 feet.

Honda Unveils HondaJet Elite, Boasting New Tech And More Range

The HondaJet Elite features 17% more range than its predecessor, specifically an extra 396 km.