Audi Teases A Mysterious New e-Tron Electric Concept Car

The Audi all-electric concept is said to use Audi and Porsche’s new PPE EV platform.

Audi’s AI:TRAIL quattro Is An Off-Road Concept Out Of This World

Audi’s latest electric concept combines zero emissions with automated driving – and crazy looks.

Audi’s AI:Trail Quattro Concept Is An Electric Off-Roader Headed To Frankfurt

Sporting a futuristic design and quattro all-wheel drive, the off-roader is bound to turn heads.

Audi’s Entering Uncharted Waters With E-Tron Scooter Concept

The production model will go on sale late next year, priced at about €2,000 in Germany.

Audi’s Stillborn RS8 Prototype Shows What An RS Super Limo Could Have Looked Like

Should Audi have built the RS8 super luxury sedan as an absolute pinnacle of the A8 lineup?.

Future Battery Electric Cars Could Be Bringing Bench Seat Back

As shown by Audi and Infiniti at Shanghai, electric powertrains enable automakers to re-think interior layouts .

Audi’s Futuristic AI:ME Is A Compact EV With A Pretty Welcoming Interior

Audi’s latest electric concept gives us a first taste of the brand’s upcoming compact EV.

Audi AI:ME Could Be Your Next Go-To Electric City Car

The Audi AI:ME features Level 4 autonomy and a spacious cabin with seating for four.

Audi Q2L E-Tron, AI:ME Concept Will Be Unveiled Next Week

The Q2 E-Tron is Audi’s smallest electric SUV, and the LWB “L” variant will be sold exclusively in China.

Audi AI:me Concept Teased Prior To Shanghai Show Debut

The AI:me uses Level 4 autonomous driving and represents the brand’s vision for future urban mobility.

Audi To Premiere Two Innovative EV Concepts In Shanghai And Frankfurt

Audi’s Shanghai-bound concept will have a radical interior due to the adoption of Level 4 autonomous driving.

Audi E-Tron Sportback Prototype Is The E-Tron SUV’s Fancier Sibling

The Audi e-tron Sportback adopts a sleeker coupe-inspired profile and sportier design details.