Toyota Leads Latest Reliability Study, But Mazda Models Are The Most Affordable To Fix

If the check engine light comes on in your Mazda, you can expect to shell out around $286.

2018 Audi Q5 Gets New Clothes And A Power Boost From ABT

The tuner’s aftermarket exhaust system gives the Q5 crossover visible exhaust tips instead of fake ones.

A Loaded Subaru Ascent Or A Base Luxury Compact SUV: What Would You Get?

The top of the range version of the Subaru Ascent costs upwards of $44,695, and that’s without any optional extras.

Audi USA Introduces 2019 Lineup With New Entry-Level S4 And SQ5

The 2019 Audi S4 gets a $1,200 price cut to start at $50,200.

Audi Q5 Driver Discovers Real-World GTA Cheat Code In China

You should definitely not try this “at home”, regardless of what all-wheel drive system you have.

Audi Recalls 1.2 Million Cars After Last Year’s Software Update Failed To Fix Pump Problem

Audi is calling back certain A4, A5, A6 and Q5 powered by the 2.0-liter FSI engine.

Audi Q5 L Stretches Its Legs Out In China

The new extended-wheelbase Audi Q5 L introduced in Beijing stretches an extra 3.5 inches longer than standard.

2018 BMW X3 Takes On Audi Q5 And Volvo XC60 In Premium Compact SUV Squabble

BMW’s latest X3 is by no means intimidated when challenged by its major rivals.

Audi Confirms SQ2, New A1 And Other Models At Summit

The SQ2 and A1 will be joined by LWB versions of the Q2 and Q5 for China.

2018 Audi Q5 Is Almost Flawless According To Kelley Blue Book

There’s no such thing as a perfect car, but in the world…

Audi Recalling 330,000 Vehicles In Germany Over Electrical Issue

Audi is recalling 330,000 vehicles in Germany due to a potential electrical…

Audi Q5 Gets Long Wheelbase Version Exclusively For China

Audi has made a long wheelbase variant of the Q5, and they’re…