Electric Audi RS3 Drag Races Modern Supercars, Humiliation Ensues

Watch the Schaeffler 4ePerformance Concept put the Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracan Performante and Porsche 911 GT2 RS in their corners.

Did An Audi RS3 Just Beat A Lamborghini Aventador In A Straight Line?

The hot hatch, which in all likelihood is tuned, crossed the finish line ahead of the Italian supercar.

Audi Halts Production Of RS3 Sportback And Sedan, Issues Stop-Sale Due To WLTP

Both the RS3 Sportback and Sedan are no longer on sale in Europe and other markets, but production will resume in early 2019.

Audi RS3 Sportbacks Go Against First-Gen R8, Aventador, Panamera, GT-R And AMGs

It’s a super hatchback, Jim, but not as we know it, and it takes on some pretty serious competition.

Jaguar I-Pace Drag Races Audi RS3 Sedan – Place Your Bets!

Both have a maximum output of 400 PS and all-wheel drive; and that’s where the similarities end.

ABT’s Audi RS3 Sportback Is As Quick To 100Km/h As Lamborghini’s Gallardo

The super hot hatch sprints from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.7sec, topping out at 299km/h (186mph).

Top 10: The Fastest Accelerating Hot Hatches On The Market

Number, number on the wall, which is the fastest hot hatch of them all?.

597HP Audi RS3 Sportback Hits 62 Mph Faster Than A Ferrari 458

The asking price for this whopping upgrade is €15,500, excluding installation.

Audi RS3 Sedan Visits ABT, Leaves With 500PS And Other Upgrades

ABT claims their Audi RS3 Sedan takes only 3.7sec to reach 100km/h.

Tuned, 500PS Audi RS3 Dares To Challenge A Porsche 911 Turbo S

Surely a modified hot hatch is not match for the mighty 911 Turbo S. Or is it?.

All-Electric Audi RS3 Concept Has 1,180hp With Formula E Tech

Featuring four electric motors, this Audi RS3 is the ultimate proof of concept.

The Alpina B7 BiTurbo Beats All Drag Strip Rivals Into Submission

Alpina’s latest B7 is one of the world’s most comfortable and fastest accelerating cars.