How Does The BMW M2 Competition Perform Against Its M4 Sibling?

The BMW M2 Competition uses a de-tuned engine from the regular BMW M4.

BMW M4 And Audi RS4 Go All Out On A Snowy Mountain Road At Night

It takes skill to do that, especially at night, but we’d recommend you don’t try this at home.

BMW Celebrates 20 Years Of Its MotoGP Safety Cars

Some of the most iconic safety cars of the two past decades are featured in BMW’s new video.

Bespoke BMW M4 Looks Simply Gorgeous In Daytona Violet Paint

This M4 owner bucked the trend of “safe” colors and, instead, opted for a unique hue for his Bimmer.

2020 BMW M3 To Offer 465HP, Less Weight And A Manual Transmission

The G20-based 2020 BMW M3 and M4 will keep the manual gearbox alive, in combination with a 465hp turbo-six engine.

710 HP BMW M4 Shakes Its Hips On Wet Tarmac, Parades Giant Wing

This BMW M4 Coupe seems like a well sorted package, except for that extremely large wing.

BMW’s Replacing The Driveshafts On Thousands Of M3s & M4s

Driveshaft-flange failure has prompted BMW to recall 2,661 of the M cars in the United States

BMW’s New M4 DTM Racer Gets A 2.0-liter Turbo Four

DTM’s ditching naturally aspirated V8s in favor of turbocharged four-cylinder engines next year

Manhart’s BMW M4 Convertible Mixes OTT Looks With 690 HP

The increase in power is welcome; the huge bolt-on fenders, on the other hand, not so.

G-Power Will Tune Your BMW M4 To 670 HP In Exchange For $21k

This upgrade costs about as much as a new supermini, but the tuner will work on your BMW M4 for way less, too.

BMW M4 Coupe Gets A Colorful Camo Wrap And New Wheels

This type of camouflage isn’t meant to make you blend in, but rather stand out in any environment.

BMW M Boss Says Manuals Don’t Make Sense, But Will Stick With Them

As long as customers continue to buy manuals in big numbers, BMW will continue to offer them.