BMW M5 Competition Laps The ‘Ring In 7:35, Kills A Bird In The Process

Although impressively quick, the BMW M5 Competition cannot match the Jaguar XE SV Project 8’s “official” lap time.

2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years Has A Gold Trimmed Interior, 617HP And A $129k Price Tag

The BMW M5 Edition 35 Years is capped to just 350 units worldwide with the same engine as the M5 Competition.

The BMW M5 Competition Actually Has Almost 700 HP

A BMW M5 Competition was dyno tested to 617 hp at the rear wheels.

BMW M5 Competition In Austin Yellow Metallic Is A Head Turner

Although this particular hue was originally offered on the M3/M4, it’s now part of the BMW Individual catalog.

BMW M5 Touring Is For Petrolhead Soccer Dads Who Dislike Fast SUVs

This 32k-mile, extremely practical M5 is in pristine condition – but costs more than a new M2 Competition .

BMW M Won’t Give Up On RWD Or Manual Transmissions, CSL Might Make A Comeback

The 1-Series, X2 and Z4 won’t get the M treatment and the CSL could replace the GTS.

The E28 BMW M5 Was The World’s Fastest Sedan Back In ’84

With 256 HP on tap, the E28 BMW M5 is still immensely fun to drive even to this day.

774 HP DMS-Tuned BMW M5 Takes On 616 HP Competition Model

The BMW M5 Competition matched the DMS-tuned model’s acceleration off the line.

Can A Tuned BMW M3 Competition Beat A Stock M5 Competition?

Standing start, rolling start, brake test: which of the two M cars managed to get out on top?.

BMW M5 Pays Another Visit To G-Power, Gains Carbon Fiber Bits

This tuned M5 F90 also gets a power upgrade, with its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 now producing 700 PS.

Acura NSX Gets Schooled By Mercedes-AMG E63 S, BMW M5 Competition

Top Gear put together a drag race between the Acura (Honda) NSX, BMW M5 Competition and AMG E63 S.

700 HP BMW M5 Competition Does A 10.24-Second Quarter Mile Run

Even in stock form, the M5 Competition covers the same distance in roughly 11 seconds.