BMW X7 xDrive50i Might Just Be The SUV You’re Looking For

The X7 xDrive50i is powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine with 456 hp.

2020 BMW X5 And X7 M50i Announced With 523 HP

BMW’s new X5 M50i can rocket from 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds.

2020 Mercedes GLS Vs. 2019 BMW X7: Which Side Are You On?

Mercedes’ answer to the first-ever BMW X7 is a completely redesigned version of its GLS luxury SUV.

New BMW X7 And Mercedes G-Class Battle It Out On The Road

The new BMW X7 full-size SUV finds an unlikely challenger in the all-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

David Vs Goliath: BMW X7’s Grille Comically Dwarfs The E30 3-Series’ Kidneys

The BMW X7 isn’t the only Beemer with a big grilles, those in the 1930’s also had them.

BMW Releases Detailed, 96-Image Gallery Of The New X7

BMW’s new X7 does have a lot going for it to justify a nearly six-figure price tag in top guise.

BMW X7 Is Being Recalled In The U.S. Over Loose Seat Bolts

Only 31 X7s are affected by this issue and all of them have the optional business lounge seat.

BMW X7 Excels At Being Both A Family Hauler And An Executive Limo

It won’t have your heart racing, but the X7 excels at being a luxurious, spacious and extremely comfortable ride.

BMW X7 Declared The World’s Best 3-Row Luxury SUV Bar None

Starting at $73,900 in xDrive40i form, the X7 is very hard to fault, which makes it the class leader.

BMW Says No To X7 M As Customers Aren’t Asking For More Power

Undisclosed sources claim there’s no demand that would justify BMW spending millions developing an X7 M.

BMW X7 Configurator Is Live, How Will You Spec Yours?

Ticking all the options on the BMW X7 can lower your bank account by over $120,000.

The New BMW X7 Is So Big It Barely Fits In The Photos

It’s not just big and brawny like many U.S. customers like their SUVs; it’s also very luxurious.