2020 Chrysler 300 Gains Red S Appearance Package – And Not Much Else

Red S Appearance Package aside, the 2020 Chrysler 300 offers an optional Radar Red interior and new exterior colors.

A Florida Man Fell From The Sky On A Car Dealership’s Chrysler

The man climbed on top of the dealership and decided to jump off using a car to break his fall, instead of using a ladder.

2019 Chrysler 300C Performance Appearance Package Brings SRT Looks But No 6.4L V8

The Performance Appearance Package costs $695 and adds SRT-styled front fascia, side sills, and LED fog lights.

Consumer Reports Doesn’t Recommend These Six Models Anymore

CR’s annual reliability survey points to half a dozen cars you might want to reconsider buying.

Frankencar Alert: Chrysler 300 Tries To Become The World’s First Four-Door Challenger

While this Chrysler 300 / Challenger mishmash may not look good, the execution isn’t bad at all.

Chrysler Confident Its Passenger Cars Will Be Relevant In The U.S.

Fiat Chrysler’s sedans are ageing like an expensive wine .

Takata Airbag Recall: Fiat Chrysler Adds 1.4 Million Cars To The List In The U.S.

Round and round the Takata recall goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

Dodge Challenger and Charger, Chrysler 300 Defy Trends, Post Big Sales In 2018

Despite GM’s and Ford’s claims, the big American sedan is alive and kicking in FCA’s stable.

Chrysler 300 Is Getting Old, But Using Giulia Styling Is Beyond Absurd

Strapping Chrysler front and rear fascias to the Alfa Romeo Giulia does a disservice to both brands.

Big In Japan: Chrysler 300 Wears 26-Inch Wheels With Aplomb

This American saloon resides in the land of the Rising Sun and its owner has modified it substantially .

FCA Boss Suggests Time’s Running Out For 300, Journey And Grand Caravan

Dodge’s focus on performance will likely result in the death of at least two models.

From Dodge Dart SRT To Maserati Alfieri: MIA Cars From FCA’s Five Year Plans

FCA is introducing a new five-year plan this week and here’s a look at what’s been promised but not delivered.