Trump An Autonomous Vehicle Skeptic, Reportedly Says They’ll “Never Work”

A new report claims President Trump believes autonomous vehicles are “crazy” and said he would never ride in one.

Trump Wants GM To Either Reopen Or Sell Its Ohio Plant NOW

Donald Trump urged GM CEO to close a factory in China or Mexico in order to keep the Lordstown one operational.

Trump’s 2020 Budget Calls For The Elimination Of EV Tax Credit

The new budget aims to reduce spending and the EV tax credit is on the line.

Talks Over Fuel Economy Standards Break Down In The U.S.

California and 12 other states are refusing to adopt Trump’s fuel economy standards.

EU Automotive Association Warns Against Trump’s Proposed Car Tariffs

President Trump has 90 days to decide if he wants to enforce tariffs on imported cars or not.

VW CEO Says U.S. Tariffs Could Impact Profitability, Cost Them Up To $2.8 Billion

President Trump said that tariffs on European cars will be imposed if a new trade deal isn’t reached.

U.S. Transportation Department Derails California High-Speed Rail Project, Cancels $929 Million In Funds

The state of California wanted to finish building a 520-mile railway system by the year 2033.

National Security Investigation Into Imports Complete, Could Cause New Car Prices To Climb $2,750

A new study says tariffs on imported vehicles and parts could cost the US up to 366,900 jobs.

Government Shutdown Puts On Hold EPA Certification, Stalls New Car Launches

The EPA has suspended emissions certification for new models because of the government shutdown.

US Government Shutdown Could Threaten New Vehicle Launches

Among the models that could be impacted are the Ram 3500, Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.

Trump Could Soon Impose New 25 Per Cent Tariffs On Imported Cars

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers claims that this will raise their price by an average of $6,000.

GM’s Slammed Again By Donald Trump Who Says EVs “Won’t Work”

The U.S. President also said the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico would make it “very uncomfortable” for GM to build vehicles outside the U.S..