Maserati Wants To ‘Just Do It’, Signs Ex-Nike Marketing Boss

Former Nike Chief Marketing Officer Davide Grasso is now Chief Operating Officer at Maserati.

Lee Iacocca Passes Away At 94

From vans to Mustangs, Iacocca played a key role in turning the auto industry into what it is today.

Alfa Romeo’s 1968 Carabo Concept Is Magnificent Even By Today’s Standards

The Carabo was designed by Bertone and will be on display in France this weekend.

Dodge’s SRT Hellcat Could Be Going Hybrid

Critics might complain, but the hybrid tech could give the car an extra 130+ lb-ft of torque.

VW, FCA Could Face Big Emissions Fines In Europe Come 2021

A study anticipates that both the VW and FCA could face major penalties if they fail to meet EU emissions targets.

FCA’s Uconnect Market Lets You Make Purchases And Reservations From Your Car’s Touchscreen

The automaker will deploy its Uconnect Market platform in the second half of this year.

Renault And FCA Are Both Open To Restart Merger Talks

Both car makers want the merge but there’s work to be done before negotiations restart.

Renault-FCA Merger Hinges On Nissan And French Gov Backing

The deal between the two groups is not dead just yet, and they both have lots to gain if it eventually goes through.

FCA Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Jeep Wrangler ‘Death Wobble’

FCA claims the Wrangler’s ‘death wobble’ isn’t a safety issue, but owners are far from content with that.

2019 Chrysler 300C Performance Appearance Package Brings SRT Looks But No 6.4L V8

The Performance Appearance Package costs $695 and adds SRT-styled front fascia, side sills, and LED fog lights.

Renault Boss Promises To Patch Up Relations With Partner Nissan

It’s no secret that ther’s trouble within the Alliance; the question is, can things change?.

VW And Amazon-Backed Autonomous Startup Aurora Part Ways

According to sources familiar with the issue, VW thought its former partner’s timetable was just not feasible.