Fisker Teases An Electric Pickup, Will Be Based On Their Upcoming Crossover

Fisker says two new models are in the works and one of them appears to be a pickup.

Fisker’s Long-Awaited SUV To Feature Some Kind Of Convertible Roof

Henrik Fisker has not yet released details about the company’s so-called ‘California package’.

Take Another Look At Fisker’s Upcoming Electric SUV

The all-electric Fisker SUV will have a solar roof and an 80 kWh battery pack in the base model.

Fisker Electric SUV Teased Again Ahead Of December Unveiling

Fisker’s Tesla Model Y rival features intricate rear turn signals mounted on the D pillars.

Fisker Shows New Teaser Of Electric SUV That’s Coming In 2021

The new Fisker SUV will launch with an 80 kWh battery and 300 miles of range ahead of an electric luxury sedan.

Fisker Drops First Image Of New Sub-$40k Electric SUV With 300 Miles Of Range

The new electric SUV from Fisker will arrive in the market in the second half of 2021.

Fisker Teases Entry-Level EV, Will Cost Around $40,000

Fisker’s new electric vehicle will apparently be unveiled on March 18th.

Fisker Could Delay EMotion Launch To Use Solid State Batteries

The Fisker EMotion should arrive sometime in 2020.

Fisker Is Still Working On A $40,000 EV

Fisker isn’t concerned about working on three all-new vehicles at the same time.

World’s Only V12-Powered Fisker Tramonto Is A 700HP Souped-Up SL55 AMG

The Fisker Tarmonto is a far cry from the hybrid Karma, yet this V12 is one of one.

Unique Fisker Latigo Is Much More Than A Coachbuilt BMW M6

If you’re looking for a truly unique-looking car to add to your…

New Details And Images Emerge On Fisker’s EMotion EV

After the problem-plagued Karma, Henrik Fisker is back to challenge the Tesla…