‘Wannabe’ Cop Who Shot Man Over Handicapped Parking Spot Sentenced To 20 Years

The Florida man claimed self defense after being pushed to the ground by the man he killed.

Talk About Getting Dumped: Florida Man Pours Dirt On Cadillac CTS Driven By Girlfriend

The girlfriend didn’t own the Cadillac, so its owner was likely in for a big surprise.

Man High On Meth And Coke Steals Mail Truck, Chase Ends In Rollover

The perpetrator confessed on being under the influence and is now facing serious chargers from multiple agencies.

Florida Man Tries To Extort Dealership Out Of A Chevy Malibu

The man found old sales records and wanted $50,000 as well as a Malibu in exchange for their return.

Yes, Another Florida Man Makes The News After Cop Chase Leads To Brutal Rollover

Dashcam footage courtesy of the Florida Highway Patrol shows the conclusion of a brutal high-speed chase.

Three Naked Women Lead Police On High-Speed Chase In Florida

The three women were caught naked in public by someone who called 911.

Woman Crashes Lexus Through Cables And Gets Stuck Dangling Over Parking Garage

Luckily, the crossover got stuck and this prevented it from plummeting to the ground.

Former Florida State Trooper Suggests The Obvious: Don’t Pass A Cop

While passing a police car is perfectly legal, it’ll draw a lot of attention.

Go To Florida, Buy A Lamborghini LM002, Enjoy Its Brutality

True, the Urus is modern and faster, but this is THE Lambo SUV that’ll make you stand out.

Florida: Go Home BMW X5, You’re Drunk

Some things just can’t be explained, such as why this BMW X5 in Florida went into a massive slide.

Florida Man Drives Ferrari 360 Into A Lake Because… Jesus Told Him To?

The statements of this man who willingly sank his 360 Modena are a little strange…

Florida Driver Saved Moments From Drowning In Overturned Car Sinking In Mud

There’s a very thin line between life and death and a 20-year-old woman luckily escaped unharmed.