See How The 2020 Kia Telluride Stacks Up To The Competition

Kia’s three-row SUV goes against the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander in a spec sheet showdown.

Make Way, New 444hp Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid Is Coming To Europe

Europe’s 2020 Ford Explorer PHEV has the ability to travel for 40 km on electric power alone in the city.

Who’s To Blame? Dashcam Captures Totally Avoidable Crash On Illinois Highway

Did the cammer want to teach the Ford Explorer driver a lesson? If that was case, they failed miserably.

Are Ford Explorers Making Drivers Sick With Carbon Monoxide Fumes?

Ford denies any wrongdoing, but many Explorer drivers, including police officers, claim to have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2020 Ford Explorer Features Self-Healing Tires And Here’s How They Work

The tires are standard on the 2020 Explorer Platinum and Limited Hybrid 4WD models.

Man Awarded Almost $152 Million In Alabama After Ford Explorer Crash

A man was left paralyzed after the Ford Explorer he was a passenger in rolled over.

2020 Ford Explorer Interceptor Has A Trick Up Its Sleeves To Protect Officers From Rear-End Crashes

The Explorer Police Interceptor Utility has been safety rated at 75 mph for rear collisions.

2020 Ford Explorer Prices Bumped From $400 To $5,365, ST $8,115 More Than Old Sport

The Blue Oval has considerably updated the Explorer, but it does charge a premium for it.

Ford Investing $1 Billion In Chicago Plants To Build Three New SUVs

500 new jobs will support production of the 2020 Explorer, Police Interceptor Utility, and Lincoln Aviator.

Boost Your Adventurous Lifestyle With Yakima Accessories For 2020 Ford Explorer

The Explorer is the second Ford model after the Ranger to get in-dealership access to Yakima accessories.

2020 Ford Explorer Is The Quietest Yet, Here’s How They Did It

The 2020 Ford Explorer has a dual-wall dashboard which works a bit like a Yeti mug.

US Government Shutdown Could Threaten New Vehicle Launches

Among the models that could be impacted are the Ram 3500, Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.