Washington State Troopers Sue Ford Over Exhaust Leaks In The Police Interceptor Utility

Ford says the issue is related to the installation of aftermarket equipment.

Park Gear Issue Causes Recall Of 14,000 Ford Explorers And Lincoln Navigators

The affected SUVs are missing their manual park release cover and might not display the correct info at the instrument cluster.

Ford Files To Trademark ‘Badlands’ And ‘Adrenaline’ Names

One theory is that Ford could use those monikers for an off road and a performance package respectively.

Ford Investing $50 Million In Chicago Plant For Hybrid Production

Ford will shift assembly of the Explorer and Lincoln Aviator hybrids to a new building.

2020 Ford Explorer Is Competent, Modern And “Green” – And It’ll Do Off-Road, Too

Watch the hybrid Explorer being put to the test here, both on- and off-road.

Ford Says Explorer ST Customers Aren’t Interested In A V8

The hottest Explorer on sale is powered by an EcoBoost 3.0-liter V6 with 400 HP.

Is The 2020 Ford Explorer As Good As The Figures Suggest?

The new Ford Explorer sounds impressive on paper but now it’s time to find out what it’s like on the real world.

Ford Recalling 1.2 Million Explorers Over Suspension Issue

Ford also announced three other recalls targeting the F-150, Flex, Econoline and a couple of Lincolns.

See How The 2020 Kia Telluride Stacks Up To The Competition

Kia’s three-row SUV goes against the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander in a spec sheet showdown.

Make Way, New 444hp Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid Is Coming To Europe

Europe’s 2020 Ford Explorer PHEV has the ability to travel for 40 km on electric power alone in the city.

Who’s To Blame? Dashcam Captures Totally Avoidable Crash On Illinois Highway

Did the cammer want to teach the Ford Explorer driver a lesson? If that was case, they failed miserably.

Are Ford Explorers Making Drivers Sick With Carbon Monoxide Fumes?

Ford denies any wrongdoing, but many Explorer drivers, including police officers, claim to have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning.