It Never Ends: John Cena’s 2017 Ford GT Bound For Auction Once More

John Cena’s infamous Ford GT could soon get its fifth (!) owner in a little over two years.

Climbkhana Two: Ken Block Shows VW The Fun Way To Climb Tianmen Mountain

Block’s weapon of choice was a heavily modified Ford F-150 with the 914 HP V6 of the Ford GT racer.

GT40 Starring In “Ford v Ferrari” Can Get From Hollywood To Your Driveway

Since originals are very precious, this is a Superformance replica, but it’s still absolutely stunning.

There’s Only One Issue With This Ford GT40 That’s Hitting The Auction Block Tomorrow

It sure looks the part and has a 1970s small-block V8, however it’s a replica built by Roaring Forties.

The First Ford GT Is One Of The Most Special Supercars One Can Buy

Back at the day, the Ford GT provided Zonda-like pace for the price of a Ferrari 360.

A Hotter Ford GT Could Be In The Works

With the Shelby GT500 launching this fall, it appears Ford might give the GT a performance boost.

Ford GT’s Racing Program Comes To An End After Petit Le Mans

The GT claimed a total of 19 race wins during its four years in competition, with the most notable being the one at Le Mans.

Cars Like The 2006 Ford GTX1 Don’t Come Up For Sale Very Often

The 2006 Ford GTX1 isn’t just a droptop but also churns out 700 hp from its modified 5.4-liter V8.

2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition Sells For $1.54 Million

The 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition in question is the first pre-owned example to go up for auction.

Tired Of Waiting For A Ford GT? One Is Going Up For Auction Next Month

The car will be auctioned off at the Petersen Automotive Museum with Ford’s blessing.

2017 Ford GT Comes With An Eye-Watering $1.3 Million Price Tag

Ford GTs are slowly entering the used car market after their two-year no-sale contracts are starting to expire.

‘Ford v Ferrari’ Revs Its Engine For Nov. 15 Premiere With New Trailer

The epic showdown between Ford and Ferrari in Le Mans comes to the silver screen, and critics have, so far, nothing but good words about it.