Orange 2017 Ford GT With 400 Miles May Fetch Up To $1.5 Million!

This 2017 GT was delivered almost two years to the day and its owner could make a healthy $1 million profit.

Rare Ford GT40 Roadster Could Sell For Up To $10 Million

The Ford GT40 Roadster in question was built in March 1965 and driven by F1’s Jim Clark.

You Can Now Get Your Own Exact Copy Of The Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40

Superformance will sell you the best replica of the actual Gulf Ford GT40 that won Le Mans in 1969.

The Ford GT Might Not Be The Fastest Supercar Out There, But Is Still An Incredible Machine

Doug DeMuro gives us the full, inside-out tour of the extraordinary Ford GT that takes the track experience to the road.

2006 Ford GT Is Up For Auction With Just 11.7 Miles Since New

This Ford GT is expected to sell for between $280,000 and $340,000.

Behold, The New Ford GT Mk2 And GT WEC Racing Together

Get ready to feed your ears with Is it us, or does Ford’s GT racer sound better than the GT Mk2?.

Ford GT Mk2 Track-Only Supercar Launched With Huge Aero Tweaks, 700 HP

The GT Mk2 debuted at Goodwood, costs $1.2 million and is limited to just 45 units.

Ford GT Teased For Goodwood With Giant Rear Wing – What Might It Be?

The mysterious GT supercar will be presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 4.

Watch 700 HP “Old” Ford GT Go Full Burner, Hit 214 MPH With Ease

This second-gen modified example was actually faster than the latest GT down the exact same runway.

Factory Ford GTs Coming To Le Mans With ‘Celebration’ Liveries

These special liveries are meant to celebrate Ford’s success at Le Mans.

Ford GT Devours The Course While Reaching 213 Mph (343 Km/h)

Ford’s new GT supercar was unleashed at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds.

This Is What Hitting 300 MPH With A 2,500 HP Ford GT Looks Like

M2K Performance’s highly tunedHP Ford GT hit 155 mph in 10 seconds and 300 in just 22! .