Drone Footage Of Formula Drift Cars Will Leave You Breathless

Despite what you may think, this isn’t footage out of a Forza game.

All-Electric, 515 HP Camaro EL1 To Compete In Formula Drift Series

Napoleon Motorsports removed the ICE engine and transmission and installed a 38.4 kWh battery and an electric motor.

Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motosport 7 Let You Drift Around In RTR Mustangs

The drift-spec Mustang RTR is powered by a Roush Yates V8 delivering more than 900 hp.

1,000+ HP, 2018-Spec Toyota Corolla Drift Car Sells For $46K

This rear-wheel drive Corolla is a bespoke design and shares almost nothing but the name with the production car.

2019 Mustang NASCAR Racer Works Out Alongside Drift Car In Charlotte

Behind the wheel of the NASCAR Cup Series Mustang was none other than stock car race driver Joey Logano.

Get Your Virtual Tail Sliding With The Latest Car Pack For Forza 7 & Horizon 4

The Formula Drift Car Pack brings seven virtual tail-sliding machines to both Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4.

New Toyota Corolla Already Tearing It Up In Formula Drift With 1,000 HP

The thousand-horsepower Corolla/Auris hatchback is already kicking @ss in Formula Drift this season.

Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 599 Catches Fire During Formula Drift Racing Debut

Federico Sceriffo’s Ferrari 599 Formula Drift car was engulfed by flames at Long Beach.

800 HP Twin-Turbo Ferrari 599 Drift Car Puts Up A Tire-Shredding Show

Federico Sceriffo is ready for the new season, burns some rubber with his mad 599.

Watch Tanner Foust Hoon His 900HP Formula Drift Passat

Tanner Foust is a talented driver who, at the US at least,…

Ferrari 599 Drifter Is The Ultimate Form Of Excess

With a front-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive and some serious grunt, the Ferrari…

FIA Announces The First Intercontinental Drifting Cup [w/Video]

The first Intercontinental Drifting Cup approved by FIA is finally happening, and…