Lamborghini Huracan Performante Blows Away Track-Focused Competition

The most hardcore version of the Huracan lapped the track in 1:17.17, beating the McLaren 675LT and Porsche 911 GT3.

2018 Citroen C1 Gains Updated Engine, New Personalization Options And Two Special Editions

ELLE and Urban Ride special editions join the 2018 Citroen C1 family.

Renault Captur S-Edition Adds More Powerful Engine, Special Features

With a 150PS petrol engine, the Renault Captur S-Edition starts from €24,600.

Renault Kadjar Armor-Lux Gets A Taste Of Salt Water

Renault has teamed up with Breton fashion brand Armor-Lux for this special-edition Kadjar.

Renault Twingo Red Night Edition Throws In Some Extra Flair

Renault’s quirky little Twingo city car gets a special Red Night edition, exclusive to France.

Porsche’s Latest Showroom Sits In A Bubble Atop The French Alps

The world’s highest pop-up store is big enough for one Cayenne.

France Bans Drivers From Using Phones Even When Stopped

A high court ruling in France means it will now be illegal…

This Ferrari F12 Takes The Whole ‘Tour De France’ Thing Very Seriously

Ferrari has been known to name its cars after places: Fiorano, Maranello, Modena, Portofino….…

Mercedes Is Going To Start Designing Its Cars In The South Of France

Mercedes-Benz operates a number of design studios not only at its headquarters…

New Alpine A110 To Cost Between €55,000 And €60,000 In France

All 1,955 units of the Alpine A110 Premiere Edition have been spoken…

Renault Zoe Star Wars Edition Is French For The Millennium Falcon

If the idea of an entirely electric vehicle still seems like science…

French Government Sells $1.4 Billion Worth Of Renault Shares

The French government has sold off a 4.7 per cent stake in…