Waymo Taking Its Autonomous Prototypes To Florida For Hurricane Season Testing

Waymo says heavy rain represents a unique challenge to developing sensors for its autonomous driving systems .

Waymo Given The Go-Ahead To Pick Up Passengers With Autonomous Vehicles In California

Waymo already operates an autonomous ride-hailing fleet pilot in Phoenix, Arizona.

Boeing Partners With Google CEO’s Kitty Hawk Flying Taxi Startup

The company founded by Larry Page is currently testing its autonomous flying taxi in New Zealand.

Google Maps Sends Drivers On Detour From Hell, Nearly 100 Get Trapped On Muddy Road

Many of the drivers were traveling to the Denver airport to catch a flight.

Google Introduces Updated Android Auto, New Driving Mode For Assistant

The new version of Android Auto will roll out this summer and feature easier to read fonts and improved functionality.

Polestar Looking To Make Full Use Of Google’s Android OS

Polestar is encouraging Android developers to create new in-car digital experiences.

FCA Tags Samsung And Google For Vehicle Connectivity Tech

Samsung’s Harman and the Android OS will power FCA’s global connected vehicle ecosystem.

Google Maps Now Shows Real Time Availability Of Charging Ports

A recent update allows Google Maps to show the availability of chargers from Chargemaster, EVgo and SemaConnect.

Buyers Want Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant In Their Cars, Study Finds

Up to 60 per cent of car buyers would prefers cars with familiar voice assistants instead of the automakers’ systems.

Waymo To Roll Out More Autonomous Vehicles Across Phoenix

Waymo will establish an 85,000-square-foot center in Mesa to supplement the one already operating in Chandler.

Google’s Machine Learning Can Help Drivers Avoid Traffic, Damage From Potholes

LMU students are using the tech to assist construction companies and city councils identify issues in traffic.

Google Maps Starts Showing Speed Limits, Warn About Fixed Cameras

The service is currently restricted to certain U.S. areas, but we guess it will eventually get a full release.