Gordon Murray’s “Modern McLaren F1” To Have 650-700 HP, Six-Speed Manual

The T.50 will rev to an extraordinary 12,100 rpm and be smaller in size than a 911.

Gordon Murray’s Affordable Sports Car Will Have A 215 HP Ford Engine

The T.43 sports car will come in at less than 950 kg, which means it’ll have an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

McLaren F1’s Spiritual Successor By Gordon Murray Coming Next Year With A V12

Murray thinks no one, not even McLaren, has made a supercar that adheres to the F1’s principles.

Gordon Murray Promises To Cut Vehicle Body Weight In Half With Latest-Gen iStream Tech

The new iStream Superlight promises great modularity and super impressive weight savings.

Gordon Murray’s Supercar To Be Compact, Light And Driver-Focused

Instead of chasing numbers, Murray wants his sports car to take driver’s cars back to their roots.

OX Is A Truck That Can Be Flat-Packed And Assembled In Just 12 Hours

Shell is teaming up with Gordon Murray Design and the Global Vehicle Trust to take the first Ox prototype to India.

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