Karma Strikes Infiniti Driver After Aggressively Merging Onto Interstate

Take a lesson from this Infiniti and drive safely over the holidays.

Larte Design Working To Enhance The Infiniti QX50’s Aesthetics

The tuner will add a custom splitter to the front bumper, new grille, badges and a new diffuser.

Infiniti Teases Bold Electric Crossover Concept Ahead Of Detroit World Debut

Hopefully It follows in the footsteps of the drop-dead-gorgeous Infiniti Q Inspiration study.

Nissan And Infiniti To Introduce New EV Concepts In Detroit

The upcoming concepts will use a new battery pack which is thinner than existing units and has a higher energy density.

Nissan’s Electric Crossover Rumored To Have 220 Mile Range And $45,000 Price Tag

The crossover could have a Tesla-like range for nearly $40,000 less.

Larte Design’s LR5 Kit Makes The Infiniti QX80 Look Bad To The Bone

The body kit that pumps up Infiniti’s SUV is available in the United States for $15,990.

Infiniti Project Black S Concept With F1 Hybrid Tech Has The Power Go After M4, RS5

The Project Black S could go into production as Infiniti is considering new a high-performance range of vehicles.

Infiniti To Reveal A Working Project Black S Prototype In Paris Auto Show

Infiniti will reveal a fully-functioning prototype of the Project Black S, showcasing its F1 Hybrid technology.

Nissan Recalls More Than 215,000 Sedans And SUVs Over Brake Fluid-Related Fire Risk

Nissan has found a fault with the brake systems of the Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder and QX60.

Consumer Reports Found 2019 Infiniti QX50 Has Some Glaring Flaws

CR singled out things like cornering, engine, steering and visibility, which marred the overall experience .

2019 Infiniti QX80 Limited Is Priciest Yet At Over $90k

Infiniti’s new fully loaded, top-of-the-line flagship SUV comes with everything, but it’ll cost you.

Infiniti’s Prototype 10 Is A Futuristic Speedster Inspired By Electrified Performance

While the Prototype 10 won’t go into production, its styling could influence future model.