Ford And Jaguar-Land Rover Ready To Slash Thousands Of Jobs In Europe

Ford will eliminate some MPVs in Europe, but unveil a new SUV in April.

Tata Motors Reaffirms Its Commitment To Jaguar Land Rover

The Indian parent company has already devised two plans to return JLR to profitability .

Jaguar Land Rover’s New Door Opens All By Itself

Jaguar Land Rover’s doors have similar tech to Tesla and Rolls-Royce vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover To Slash Up To 5000 Jobs Next Year, Report Says

Tata Motors is heading up a Jaguar Land Rover cost savings plan.

Tata Motors Gets Lower Credit Rating Due To Jaguar Land Rover’s Weak Status

Trade tensions between the U.S. and China, as well as worries about Brexit, have resulted in losses for JLR.

Jaguar Land Rover To Skip 2019 Geneva Motor Show To Save Money As Sales Drop

Besides JLR, Ford and Volvo won’t attend the 2019 Geneva Motor Show either.

Who’s Better At Modding The Range Rover Velar – Overfinch Or Startech?

The Velar is among the sleekest and most modern-looking crossovers on sale, but can it be improved?.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Chinese Arm Investing $1 Billion In EVs

Chery Jaguar Land Rover will builds hundreds of thousands of EVs in China.

Jaguar’s Latest Project Looks To Perfect Traffic Light-Timing

New tech aims to take the guesswork out of timing traffic lights for a smoother commute.

Jaguar Land Rover Invests In Electric Motorcycle Maker Arc

Arc’s Vector is made out of carbon fiber and has an electric range between 120 and 200 miles.

Future JLR Models Will Strive To Combat Motion Sickness

Research conducted by Jaguar Land Rover has identified techniques that reduce motion sickness by at least 60 per cent.

Jaguar-Land Rover Opens New Factory In Slovakia, Will Build Up To 100,000 Cars Annually

Jaguar Land Rover’s new factory is producing the Discovery SUV but a second model might be added soon.