2019 Kia K3 GT Sedan Previews America’s Forte GT

The long-awaited “exciting” version of the Forte sedan is shaping up quite nicely.

Kia K3 GT Is The Forte Hot Hatch You Never Knew You Wanted

The new Kia K3 GT features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 201 hp.

Police Raid BMW Korea Offices As Part Of Their Investigation Into Engine Fires

Authorities are looking to determine if BMW hid information about vehicle defeats.

South Korea Plans To Ban 20,000 BMWs Due To Engine Fire Risk

There have been 27 reported cases of engine fires involving BMW vehicles in South Korea.

Why Does This Hyundai Sonata Prototype Have Solar Panels On Its Roof?

The next Sonata hybrids could use them to power auxiliary systems and charge the battery pack.

Genesis Essentia Concept Says Hello To Koreans At The Busan Motor Show

The stylish, all-electric sports car needs a mere 3.0 seconds to sprint to 100km/h (62mph).

Kia Niro EV Debuts At Busan Motor Show Ahead Of Market Launch

The new Kia Niro EV launches in Korea in the coming months, with other markets to follow “in due course”.

Grandmaster Flash: Hyundai HDC-2 Concept Shows The Way Forward In Busan

Following the HDC-1 Le Fil Rouge concept shown in Geneva, Hyundai has taken the wraps off the new HDC-2 Grandmaster concept at the Busan Motor Show in South Korea.

Mercedes Opens The First Ever AMG Speedway In South Korea

Mercedes-AMG’s track is located at the country’s first ever circuit near Seoul and is 4.3km long.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Reportedly Travels With A Poopmobile

Being a dictator isn’t easy but it apparently has the perk of a Mercedes S-Class with a toilet.

GM Korea Could Declare Bankruptcy Later This Week As Union Bails On Negotiations

Several union negotiators were involved in the attack on the office of GM Korea CEO.

Chevrolet Spark Could Be Dropped And Replaced By A Crossover

The Chevrolet Spark could be released by a new crossover which is slated for 2022.