14-Year-Old Aussie Crashes Into Lamborghini Urus With A Stolen Subaru

The teenager had a pretty wild night that ended when he drove into the very expensive Italian SUV.

VW Group Denies Report It Intends To Sell Off Lamborghini Or Take It Public

According to the report, the German group wants to free up resources for EVs and focus on its VW, Audi and Porsche brands.

Lamborghini Brings An Urus To The ‘Ring – Is It The Hybrid Or The Hardcore ST-X?

While we don’t purport to know what this Urus is all about, and there are two rumored options, it sounds like it still uses a twin-turbo V8.

Novitec Makes Lamborghini Urus Look Less SUV, More Hyper Hatch

With Novitec’s engine tune, the Lambo Urus gets up to 771 HP and 761 lb-ft of torque.

Lamborghini Adds “FKP 37” Moniker To Sian, Updates Urus For 2020MY

The addition is meant to honor former VW Group chairman Ferdinand K. Piëch who was instrumental in Lambo’s acquisition .

DMC’s Lamborghini Urus Is Considerably Wider And Has 800 HP

The DMC-X Urus Stage 1 kit makes the Italian SUV wider, faster and stronger for $60,000.

The Lamborghini Urus Works Well As A Two-Door, Don’t You Think?

The Lamborghini Urus looks very good with two doors and a shortened wheelbase.

Take A Look Inside Lamborghini’s All-New, State-Of-The-Art Paint Shop

Lamborghini built a new paint shop to support production of the Urus and can create any color imaginable.

The Lamborghini Urus Says It Loud: It’s Got A Widebody Kit And It’s Proud

If you want to go all out with Lambo’s super SUV, this kit from 1016 Industries is a great option.

Lamborghini Wants To Put A Cap On Sales To Keep Brand Exclusive

The Italian car maker enjoys the growth brought by the Urus but isn’t going to chase big volumes.

The Urus Effect: Lamborghini Sees Year-To-Date Sales Doubling Thanks To Its SUV

Lamborghini says approximately 70 per cent of Urus buyers are new to the brand.

ABT’s 700 HP Lamborghini Urus Is Almost Twice As Powerful As A Countach

The power injection has dropped the super SUV’s 0-62 mph time to just 3.4 seconds.